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  • Published October 21, 2020
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The Coronavirus pandemic has led many of us to a place we never thought we would be in – working from home. Even students do not have a choice anymore and are now mandatorily studying from home. This, as a result, has pushed our home networks to their limits resulting in botchy signals in some areas of the house. If you are like me and wanted to set up your home office in the farthest corner of the house so you can step away from all the commotion, only to find out that it was a dead zone, you know the struggle.

Sometimes, however, it could be your internet connection not doing enough for the money you paid. So before blaming the router, check with your internet service provider. Once you have made certain that your internet connection is fine, it is time to deal with the router.

A range extender will help boost your network so that you can be anywhere in the house without worrying about connectivity. So here are the top picks for you today.

TP-Link RE220 Wi-Fi Extender

TP-Link’s RE220 outperforms the rest of the extenders in the market in every aspect. It is reliable, fast, compatible with almost every router, user-friendly, and economical. Is there anything you could ask for in a Wi-Fi extender? I know I can’t. All you have to do is plug the extender in and press the WPS button to start the pairing process between your home network and RE220. It broadcasts signals on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz offering steady speeds all over the house. Speeds are consistent and there are no dropped connections wherever in the house you may be. So say goodbye to those dead zones because TP-Link RE220 will leave no corner behind.

D-Link DAP-1620 Wi-Fi Extender

Providing an average speed of over 100Mbps this is without a doubt one of the best Wi-Fi extenders you can get on a budget. Setting it up is easy, as you just have to plug it in and pair it with your router. The rest will be taken care of by the worthy of praise DAP-1620. You can stream HD videos, make video calls, and browse the web and even connect multiple devices without facing any problems. However, the speed may fluctuate and the connection can be inconsistent at peak hours. Hardware compensates for these woes though.

Linksys Velop Wi-Fi extender

This is a full-on modular mesh network for the layman. It offers easy setup considering how some mesh systems can be tricky to setup. If you are done with your trusty old router and range extender then Linksys Velop is the mesh system for you. Anyone with a smartphone being able to set up the system is Velop’s selling point. You just have to download the App from Google Play or Apple Store and you will have the extender running in no time. It can be a little pricey but is worth every penny.


Now you know the top three range extenders to make your internet experience seamless and so much more rewarding. Go ahead and check them out and get the one that suits you best.

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