How Sleep Position Might Impact Your Snoring

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  • Published October 12, 2020
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Some people tend to snore when they sleep on their backs. So, can we say that your sleeping position can impact your snoring? If so, is there any way to cure this problem once and for all? In this article, we are going to answer these questions. Read down.

Sleep Position and Snoring

In the United States alone, around 90 million people are facing the problem of snoring while asleep. Snoring happens when your upper airway, particularly the nasal passage and the throat vibrate due to the turbulent airflow while you are asleep.

The problem of snoring can get worse if you have nasal congestion due to cold or allergy. Breathing through the mouth causes your tongue and jaw to shift backward. Apart from this, if you drink alcohol, it can worsen the sound. The reason is that alcohol relaxes the muscles. Therefore, it can have a negative impact on the muscular tissue in your throat.

Now, if you sleep on your back, your airway will be more likely to collapse due to the weight of your chest or neck. As a result, you will be more prone to snoring. Actually, in this sleeping position, gravity can shift the tissues into your throat reducing the airflow.

Apart from causing snoring, sleeping on your back may also result in a total airway collapse. This condition is known as sleep apnea. Common symptoms of this condition include daytime sleepiness, choking, gasping, or pause while breathing. This may have deadly consequences. Therefore, if you have this problem, you may want to address it as soon as you can.

Simple devices to Change Your Sleeping Position

You can learn to sleep on your side and get used to this habit. For example, you can reinforce this behavior by asking your bed partner to sharply place their elbow while you are asleep. If you need a bit more encouragement, you can try out the following devices:

  • Modified nightshirts

  • Bumper blets

  • Special positioning pillows

  • Vibrating neckbands

  • Postural alarms

If you're looking for a simple home remedy, you can sew a pocket on the spine area of your T-shirt, and then put a tennis ball in the pocket. You can achieve the same purpose using a backpack. This will make you feel uncomfortable when you roll on your back while sleeping. As a result, you will shift back to the left or right side. However, you won't be comfortable enough to wake up.

It is also a good idea to raise the head side of your bed to reduce snoring. You can get an adjustable bed or wedge pillows. Make sure that your head is raised a minimum of 20 degrees while you are sleeping.

The takeaway

In short, if your body positioning is causing you to snore, you can use the simple inventions mentioned above. However, if none of the tricks works for you, we suggest that you consult your doctor for proper testing and treatment.

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