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  • Published November 8, 2020
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*Have you every considered playing video games as a career? Today we would like to introduce everyone to Jesus "Votii" Romo

*Go ahead and tell us about yourself!

My name is Jesus Romo and im 18 years of age and i play video games on a competitive level for cash prizes.

*What made your interested in Esports?

I always loved video games you know? When i was 11 I would spend hours in my room having a good time with friends online until i got in trouble by my parents to go to sleep at 4:00am. Then it started from competing with my friends to determine who was the best and shortly after i became dominate and wanted to take myself to greater heights. I then wanted to be the better than youtubers, Then i came across the world of Major League Gaming. Seeing that people won loads of money from video games caught my interest. and sense then i put a lot of interest into this career scene.

*Tell us more about your achievements?

I won multiple tournaments from Call Of Duty for small cash, competed in cities. Current im a 4 time champion in Southern California. I then became noticed by a lot of people on the same path as i am on and as people started to recognize me it makes me even prouder of my accolades.

*How do your parents feel about you doing Esports?

They at first did not like it of course they were protective of my health and education. It took them some time and also taking my father to an Major League Gaming Event to get them to side with this. Of course they prioritize me having a job and having my life set, they let me do this as long as im still a responsible adult.

*Is this something you hide from others? if so why or why not?

for the first few years of competing only my parents, girlfriend, and close family no one else because i did not want to be looked at differently and to keep me from looking like i have no life from others. Up until after i graduated high school then i started to release it to the public of what i do. and honestly if feels great. The support I've been getting from friends and loved ones are incredible. My girlfriend has always been supportive and i cant be grateful enough for the family and loved ones i have.

*Tell us your story.

I was born into a lovely family in California and i've been on my grind since i can remember. I was first introduced to Call Of Duty in 2011 at my cousin's house. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. i had an absolute blast playing and i convinced my parents to get me an xbox with the same game. Ever since i always got every call of duty on release till this date. Me and my friends would see who was the better player and i would always put in 9 plus hours a day as a kid playing video games to get better. My parents would be concerned because at the time i was failing in school and was a top baseball player. Soon after to my freshman year of high school i was lucky enough to have my dad take me to an event, and he had a blast. After that my parents both took time to understand what i do and all the way till now they support it as long as my life is together outside of games. I have a girlfriend I've known since the beginning of my grind and she's supported ever since. All in all i was a very lucky person to have 0 weight on my shoulders from backlash in what i want to do as a dream. I went through up's and downs but it all became worth it in the end, now i compete with good online friends i have while having my life together. Being able to compete for money on Call Of Duty has carved a great path in my life.

Thank You so much for coming along this interview is there any last things you would like to say?

To always remember there's something good to do in this world and i cant thank my friends, family, and loved ones for being aboard.

(Where to connect with "Votii")

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zvotii

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zvotii/

Email: jesseromo14@gmail.com

I am a new Esports Journalist in Riverside California and Former Los Angeles Blogger.

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