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Copper as metal is ductile and malleable and is perfect for making decorative tiles for house decoration and outdoor tiles that can withstand the harsh forces of nature.

On top of design advantages, copper is dependable in conducting heat and electricity.

Copper roofs and domes people know and use from centuries. They are waterproof and subsume the full force of lightning.

For flatware and cookery, copper endures heat. For sinks and tubs, it survives water and fights bacteria off.

Copper tiles are among the most utilitarian and defensive available in the market tiles to use at home. On top of all those, it is no exaggeration to say that copper products are built to last.

Floors, backsplashes, countertops and the walls are the most popular places in the kitchen to use copper tiles.

Already, copper is utilized to make range hoods, water heaters, pans, ladles and knives because it is fireproof and heatproof.

Copper curbs the occurrence of fires and cools down cooking spaces and is invulnerable to heat produced by ovens and that's why easy can be found in regular kitchens.

Copper wire has been used an electrical conductor since the 1800s while copper oxides began acting as superconductors in the 1990s.

Another group of popular copper items are copper tiles.

Copper tiles are equally beneficial when you lay them on kitchens and bathrooms as they are anti-germ and waterproof. Copper tiles give another benefit, they can be decoration. For example handmade copper tiles for backsplash are an original wall art.

Just as copper is used to manufacture bath tubs, bath and kitchen sinks, and kitchen counters, it is helpful in the swimming pool, laundry room, garage and veranda.

Copper is soluble in water plus it is effective against fungi and bacteria such as E. Coli.

Public buildings and clinical facilities have long used copper alloys like bronze and brass on surfaces to avert infection. In a period of 8 hours, brass door knobs can decontaminate.

Public statues and subway murals that have suffered through wear and tear are telling of the longevity of copper.

The more copper corrodes, the stronger it becomes colour green. Rusting gives it a copper sulfate patina, known as verdigris, that is superbly rustproof. Copper continues corroding for around 25 years, changing colour from its metallic reddish orange to bronze then green.

If you find the green aged patina unsuitable to your contemporary home, opt for acrylic glazed copper tiles.

As you can see, copper items and copper tiles can find almost everywhere.

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