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  • Author Kathy Tonery
  • Published November 19, 2020
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The winters down here in South Carolina come upon us very quickly. Have you started preparing your home for the winter? Many people wait too long and leave their weatherproofing up to the last minute creating shoddy attempts at warmth and protection.

The result is that homeowners end up seeing the heating bills go through the roof. This can be avoided, as there are many effective tips to prepare your home for the winter. Some great methods of weatherproofing your home are:

Checking the windows before winter

One of the biggest sources of cold air leakage is the windows in your home. Checking your windows for cracks and weatherproofing will not only save you money in heating costs but will also help keep your home more comfortable overall. So start checking for cracks and slips and fix the issue before it gets worse.

A good tip is installing a weather strip or using waterproof caulking on the window which you can get at any home improvement store. This will help keep cold air out and warm air in. Invest in storm windows to place over existing windows as an added coverage in preparation for the winter.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “Storm windows can reduce heat loss between 25 and 50 percent”. However, for some homeowners whose homes are older, the windows may need replacing for reserving energy & heat.

Check your doors before winter

Another cold air leak culprit is the home’s doors. Check your doors for any damage and either install a new weatherstrip or replace the old one that you have. This is often easier than it sounds and only takes up a few minutes to complete unless the door needs replacing.

Many people opt for buying a draft blocker, which slides over the bottom of the door to help prevent cold air from leaking in. This is easy, and relatively cheap.

This could be a temporary fix for some older homes since most houses settle and doors will not fit snuggly into a doorframe any longer. This last option would be to have the doorframe checked out by a professional and purchasing a new door to fit correctly.

Check your HVAC System

If you have an HVAC system homeowners should always schedule a maintenance call from an HVAC professional every fall & spring. You should check for unusual odors, strange noises, and leaks in the ductwork which are signs of possible issues.

When your technician arrives, he will know what to look for which will save him time and your money. Always turn down your temperature at night to at least 67 degrees- and in the daytime when you are not home.

An HVAC professional says that it’s important to check your HVAC air filter every month and the most common cause of an HVAC breakdown is accumulated dirt and dust in the filtering system. This is especially true in preparing for the cold winter months.

Prep the outside for Winter

Let us not forget about the outside or the surrounding property of your home. Nobody wants to see things get old & rusty because they were left out in the cold. Storing our summer tools and taking care of outside machinery like lawnmowers, can have a longer shelf life.

Clean out & organize shed – Remove dirty rags, paper towels, or any debris leftover from summer. Cover cushions with heavy plastic bags or place in bins.

Clean Tools – Like the hedge clippers, shovels, or rakes.

Machinery Maintenance- Put lawnmower in the shed or a covered carport, remove gasoline, and make sure there are no grass blades in or around the motor. Clean with oil.

Garden Hose– Shut off the outside water line to the garden hose- you do not want the pipes to freeze with water as they will burst. Roll up and put away.

These are the most practical tips to help weatherproof your home inside and out. As you should be organized and start preparing early for winter. From installing weather strips to spraying your windows with a sealant, these are the little things that you could do that make a big difference.

Even with the lack of freezing weather, things could get a bit cold even in South Carolina. It is better to take care of them now rather than later.

Have a safe and warm winter!

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