How to Mount a TV Safely


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Mounting your TV on the wall saves valuable floor space if you own a small-spaced living area. Additionally, it gives an established, sleek look. Doing so can also find the best possible viewing angle, reduces glare from lights or windows with the extending, tilting, and swiveling mounts.

To mount your TV safely, you need to assess the type of walls you have.

Check Your Walls

Unless it's an old house, you'll most likely have at least two distinct kinds of walls in your home - brick wall or stud wall. Most partitions can uphold a TV, yet you should be especially cautious with stud walls.

Brick Walls

Brick walls are suitable for installing a TV of any size, yet make sure to ensure the mounts go into the brick and not the mortar, as the brick will give a substantially more secure fitting. When you're mounting an enormous TV, it's smart to utilize heavy-duty wall anchors intended to go into the brick to support heavy things.

Stud Walls

Interior walls are mostly from a crafted wooden 'stud' outline with plasterboard appended to it. The wooden 'studs' are adequately qualified to hold a TV. However, in case you're anticipating mounting your TV straightforwardly onto the plasterboard, you'll have to utilize exceptional plasterboard trimmings and ensure the TV weight doesn't surpass the most extreme load of the fixing pack.

Some stud walls have a metal casing. With these wall types, you need your TV fixed to the plasterboard, so ensure your TV isn't excessively hefty for the plasterboard trimmings.

Things You'll Need to Mount Your TV Safely.

Mounting bracket

Tape measure



Spirit level

Rawl plugs

Stud detector


Steps To Safely Mount Your TV

Get your TV in the correct position.

Before you begin drilling holes, you should ensure you know precisely where you need the TV to be situated. It's a smart move to remove a template of your TV so you can stick it on the wall and sit in the seat you'd ordinarily use to stare at the TV. Along these lines, you'll know whether the TV is excessively high or excessively low, and you can mark the wall precisely where you need the focal point of the TV to be.

If you have little kids or pets, you may likewise need to ensure it's situated sufficiently high that they can't reach it.

Fix the Mount to the Wall

Whenever you've chosen the placing of your TV, place the divider mount section on the divider. Utilize your soul level to ensure it's straight, then mark with a pencil where you'll be drilling.

Position the section over the holes and join it with screws. In any case, don't completely tighten the screws at this time. Take your soul level and double-check your bracket's straight. If you have to make any changes, proceed. After that, you can tighten up your screws.

Attach the Bracket to Your TV

This part ought to be overall quite simple. Lay your TV screen-down on a table or surface that is bigger than the screen, search for the mounting openings on the back, and solidly attach the mount.

Attach the Cables and Lift your TV into Place

Connect all that you need to attach to your TV, similar to your aerial cable, power lead, or HDMI link before you mount it.

Ask the assistance of another person, lift the TV into place – protecting the two pieces of the section with a screwdriver or Allen key (this relies upon the type of bracket).

Finally, you can now enjoy viewing the entertainment your safely positioned TV brings!

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