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Ants are considered a big problem; just like cockroaches. People around the world face problems with ants during specific times of the year like spring or summer. The ants usually make their home down under the ground; where hundreds or thousands of them live together.

In some ant supercolonies, there are multiple queens that also include hundreds of thousands of worker ants that dominate large areas. These intruders are not less problematic than other intruders like cockroaches and can cause great trouble for a household. Hence, managing them will require an advanced defence system.

Ants are very common insects and most of the time; people ignore them. These unchecked insects can be a real pest if ignored. No one wants to see these insects crawling around the floor or on kitchen countertops. They usually enter the house in search of food or nesting habitats.

Small amounts of food like biscuit bits, bread crumbs, pet food, etc can be a major attraction for hordes of ants. These creatures are known to be one of the most successful animals on earth and thrive with more than 12000 different species. They can be found at every place on earth except Antarctica, Arctic region and on certain islands.

Ants are also known to be nature's cleaning crew. They help in maintaining the natural balance in the world. They are very helpful in removing food that is left behind.

The actual problem arises when we don't need their help inside the house. You can prepare a perfect defence against these smart tiny creatures with the help of Advion ant bait gel, which is a very popular name; when it comes to removing ants from your home.

Advion ant bait gel is a good ant control product that you can easily find in the market.

It is known to be one of the best defences against ants. Its special attracting formulation draws ants out from their nest and kills them. For using this product you don't need to find the colony of ants. You just have to place them; where you have sighted them crawling.

It acts like a bait and pesticide at the same time. Advion is specially formulated to attract all major species of ants like odorous house ants, little black ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants and more. The powerful active ingredient Indoxacarb used in this product is known to be an excellent non-repellent insecticide.

The Advion gel baits work quite slowly. When an ant consumes this gel bait; they don't die instantly, but return to their nest site and then; share the poison with their other mates which kill all of them. By using Advion bait gel at your home you will see effective results within days of application. Indoxacarb used in it can work for over a few days.

Advion ant bait gel is created in a strategic way to deal with ants. Indoxacarb poisons the nervous system of ants and kills them after around 72 hours. You can easily neutralize the whole colony with the help of these baits slow-acting formula.

This special non-staining formula can be used basically anywhere and they don’t cause any type of permanent stains at all. One drawback of Advion is that; it is not waterproof. The syringe tube is easy to apply on all surfaces. The formula used in it is safe for people with pets and children.

The Key Benefits of Advion Ant Gel

  • Gel bait from Advion is effective and can be used for over an extended period due to its translucent, stainless and odourless formulation.

  • The powerful combination of its unique active ingredients makes it a highly effective tool for great, broad-spectrum control.

  • The extended duration period of this gel makes it cost-effective and efficient.

  • It can be used against all varieties of ants.

Advion’s special and effective formulation makes ants consume more and that leads to better results. This gel is created uniquely with a non-repellent formula; which makes it impossible for ants to detect their toxicant or pesticide presence, therefore increasing its effectiveness.


Advion ant bait gel is a great cost-effective ant defence system that comes with 4 syringe tubes. This product is said to be an effective solution for pest problems compared to other insecticides. It is the best choice if you consider quality as a prime factor.

It is created with a unique formulation; which makes it perfect to use in most areas inside or outside the office or house. Its potent formula combining Indoxacarb offers you the best ant control solution for your home. Create an unbreakable defence against ants with Advion ant bait gel and stay healthy and safe.

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