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Black aluminum fence is the most popular selling color. All major aluminum fence brands carry black powder coated aluminum fence panels, gates, and posts. Black fence usually has shorter production times compared to other colors due to its popularity. Most fence manufacturers keep popular black fence styles in stock, so they should ship faster. A black aluminum fence looks great around any home or business. Some homeowner associations require a fence to be made in black to match all other fences in a subdivision. The best selling fencing styles in black are two rail and three rail fence panels in 48 inches and 54 inch tall heights.

Black powder coated fence can be used for security, pet fence, swimming pool fence, residential fencing, and commercial applications. FenceTown fence sections are manufactured to look at a wrought iron fence without the maintenance and painting requirements. Brands like Jerith and Specrail offer a screwless design to their fence panels. Onguard panels have screws on one side of the horizontal rails. Jerith fence sections will rack at an angle more than the other brands. Most brands offer a lifetime warranty against peeling and cracking. Discounts are available for homeowners and fencing contractors.

Fence Panel Racking

Black fence panels will rack at an angle the same amount as the other fence colors. Aluminum fence panel racking means that a fence panel can adjust to the slope of your land without having to be stair-stepped as with solid fence panels or steel and iron fence. Rackable aluminum fence panels are better than solid panels because they allow for a secured fence run. Rackable fencing that can be mounted on an incline, decline, or on a hill is available from all top national aluminum fence brands. All aluminum fences can rack to some degree. The amount of racking depends on the fence brand.

Black Aluminum Pool Fence

Two rail fence styles in 48 inch tall panels are the most common black aluminum pool fence purchased by homeowners. Two rail styles are used when you want minimal fencing, not obstructing a view or making the minimum requirements for pool code. Most pool codes require 45 inches between the two innermost rails. This makes a two rail fence panel a good choice to make local swimming pool codes and keep costs down.

A black residential aluminum fence provides security, pool safety, increases curb appeal, and raises the value of your home upon sale. It’s a great investment that gives you peace of mind and lasts for many years.

FenceTown offers the largest online selection of the best aluminum fence from the top national fence manufacturers.

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