How do you know if your Car Needs Coolant?

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What is the Coolant?

A coolant, scientifically known as the working fluid helps maintain the temperature of the engine to avoid overheating. It runs in the engine's cooling system. It maintains every component at its correct working temperature.

Why does a Car need Coolant?

A coolant or anti-freeze is necessary for a car to run smoothly. If a car runs out of coolant, it may stop functioning well and cause trouble. The following can be the consequences of running with low or no coolant:

  1. The dashboard warning light will go on and the temperature will start to rise.

  2. Modern cars have an automatic engine cut-off feature. This will stop the engine and you won’t be able to drive unless the engine cools down.

  3. Without engine cut-off, a car may overheat, the coolant will boil up and overflow from the radiator. This may damage other engine parts or in a worse case, seize the engine.

  4. The affected parts may include:

o Water Pump

o Engine Gasket

o Piston and Cylinder

o Crankshaft

o Connecting rods

  1. Other problems may include loss of interior air conditioning system.

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How to know if your Car Needs Coolant?

Coolant leaks are one of the leading reasons for a car breakdown. Neglecting your car's regular maintenance may create serious troubles and damages. If you need to know when your car needs coolant. Here is a simple 5 step guide to self-maintain your car’s cooling system.

  1. Low Coolant Level

Always keep a check on coolant light. If it's on, your coolant level is low, and you need to refill it. Ensure that you always use a coolant in the proper ratio with water. Adding only water will not help at all.

  1. Coolant Color Change

Coolants usually come in orange, yellow, or light green colors. If rust appears in the coolant or it shows a red tone. It is time to be alarmed. Rust can get stuck in the engine cooling system and overheat the system.

  1. The smell from the Engine

If your car engine produces a sweet smell. It is a sign that the coolant needs replacement. The coolant contains “ethylene glycol”. When it burns, it starts sending off a sweet smell. If you smell the same. Replace the coolant.

  1. Malfunctioning Heating System

The heating system of the car is similar to the engine cooling system. The hot coolant passes through the heating core and a small radiator pushes the hot air through vents to heat the car. If your heater stops working or doesn’t function properly. It is a sign that the coolant needs replacement.

  1. Overheating Car

The worst of all is an overheating car. If your car has reached this stage, then the problem is more serious. Once the engine starts overheating, then the case is beyond just coolant replacement. You should call a technician and get your car fixed as soon as possible.

An engine coolant can deteriorate with time. That is why it is necessary to check it frequently. It is one of those important fluids which helps maintain an engine's health and keep the car running smoothly.

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