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You’ve taken a good look at your floors and decided that you need to call an Oceanside, CA, carpet cleaning company. Whether you’re due for regular maintenance or cleaning your carpets for the first time, there are a few things you need to do to prepare your home.

Finding Oceanside, CA, Carpet Cleaners

Prior to preparing your home for carpet cleaning, you first need to find a company that can meet your needs.

While you know that you’re in need of carpet cleaning, also consider whether there are other surfaces in your home that also need attention. For example, Silver Olas also offers couch cleaning service, rug cleaning, and tile cleaning. If you need multiple areas cleaned, it will be more convenient to find a company that can do them all.

Next, you need to consider, “which are the best carpet places near me?” The “near me” part is important for several reasons. Most importantly, when you hire a local company, you’ll enjoy faster service as technicians are always in your area.

While this is convenient for the initial cleaning, it’s also helpful should you need a follow-up appointment. Silver Olas has served Oceanside, CA, and the greater San Diego area for over 25 years.

Getting Ready for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning day is coming; it’s time to get your house ready to ensure a successful appointment. Here’s what you need to do.

Clear the Driveway

Make sure that there’s room in the driveway or curb for the carpet cleaning specialist’s vehicle. As the technician will be bringing equipment into your home, including hoses that are mounted to the truck, be sure there are no obstacles leading to the front door, side door, garage, or whatever access point the technician will use.

Clean Up the Area and Move Furniture

Visit each room where you’ll be having carpet cleaned and pick up toys, books, boxes, rugs, and any other items that are on the floor. While many carpet cleaning professionals can move small furniture items like coffee tables and chairs, most won’t move larger pieces like couches or dressers unless you make previous arrangements. If you want to ensure that every inch of a room is cleaned, have someone help you move large furniture out of the way before the technician arrives.

Take Advantage of an Empty Room

While not necessary for your carpet cleaning appointment, consider cleaning your baseboards, windowsills, ceiling fans, and HVAC registers while your space is empty. The job will go faster without furniture in the way, and you’ll take care of any dust or dirt that falls onto the floor in the next step.

Vacuum the Carpet

Most carpet cleaning companies will vacuum your space as part of the service, but you should make a pass with your own vacuum first. For starters, it will help you make sure that there’s nothing left on the floor. As you move your vacuum around the room, you may notice other obstacles that you hadn’t considered before, such as long drapery that should be pinned up or skirted furniture that touches the floor. Vacuuming before the technician arrives will also help you complete the next step.

Take Note of Trouble Areas

As part of the carpet cleaning service, technicians pretreat heavy-traffic areas and stains. To make this job easier for them — and ensure no spots are missed — move around your home and make a list of areas that need special attention. If you have areas that have been dirtied by specific circumstances, such as pets, grease, or dirty shoes, tell your technician so that they know the best way to tackle those issues.

Cage Your Pets

Just before your technician arrives, find a safe place for your pet(s). Carpet cleaning machinery can be loud and doors may be left open. The last thing you want is for your furry friend to become scared or accidentally get out of the house.

Arranging for your pet to be elsewhere during the service appointment is the best option. If that’s not possible, keep your animal contained within a cage in an area of the house that the technician will not visit, such as a laundry room or bathroom.

Confirm the Job

When your carpet cleaner arrives, be sure to confirm the services that are to be performed. If you’ve also arranged for area rug cleaning or mattress cleaning, show the technician where these things are.

If you’re unsure about what a particular service entails, don’t hesitate to ask.

For example, carpet steam cleaning services are usually part of the package, but the application of a carpet protectant may be optional.

Optional: Add on Extra Services

Having a cleaning specialist in your home may inspire you to take care of other surfaces that are in need of touching up. Before your technician gets started, inquire about other available services.

You may be surprised (and delighted) to learn that your Oceanside, CA, carpet cleaning specialist also offers couch cleaning service or area rug cleaning and can have these jobs done at the same time as your flooring.

Optional: Make Plans for After Your Appointment

Once your professional carpet cleaning appointment is over, you might expect that you can continue on with your day. However, you need to take into account that your carpet may need some time to fully dry. Most carpet cleaners will speed the process by using high-powered fans, but you should still allow some time for carpets to dry completely before stepping on them.

The easiest way to pass the time is to find something to do outside the house. Go shopping, visit a park, or hang out with friends; in most cases, your carpets won’t need more than a few hours to dry.

While your carpet cleaning technician will make every effort to provide the best service possible, you can make their job easier by preparing your home for their visit. Spending some time cleaning up and moving furniture will allow your technician to concentrate more fully on the tough job of eliminating dirt and stains from your floors.

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