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HGRBS believes that all people are entitled to the enjoyment of the home setting. When we need professional assistance towards refurbishing or otherwise helping to maintain and improve it, we expect those we decide to hire will be an asset to these values. That is not always the case.

*New Year’s Powerpack Series 1-4

The HGRBS “New Year’s Powerpack Series 1-4” is a collection of four homeowner’s guides that offer useful tips on how residents of the private home sector can make more informed hiring decisions. Such choices are about enlisting support from building tradesmen/women, such as contractors working in the home repair and improvement field.

But, for many who own, rent, or lease private abodes, there are risks of making a wrong decision. The “New Year’s Powerpack Series 1-4” is specially prepared to inspire more residents to resort to a more responsible approach to ensure that does not happen. Each of these essential home guides is complementary to the other in that they emphasize the unconventional approach to contractor hire: an application process.

*#1 – Homeowner’s Taking Charge!

This unique 7-page booklet was first published online in January 2019 to inspire residents to play an even more proactive role in home-fraud prevention than in the previous year.

“When we know what we must accomplish and make conscientious efforts towards learning the nature and potentials of the ingredients … then rest assured that next year will be even more amazing than the year we left behind.” [From “Homeowner’s Taking Charge!, Subheading ‘A Brand New Year,’ pg. 1.”

“Homeowners Taking Charge!” sets the tone for the other three e-booklets in the series:

#2 – Honing the Eyes of An Eagle.

#3 - Who is this Contractor?

#4 – Moment of DECISION.

The most significant benefit residents can achieve is conscientious re-focus on the need to incorporate, as another New Year’s resolution, a more accurate game plan for hiring the best tradesmen/women.

It is a given that our homes are central to our lives. However, we are always doing something to make our dwellings more comfortable places under normal circumstances (minus this Covid-19 experience), whether we are among the lowest or highest-paid individuals. It is not so much a matter of where we rest our heads as it is that of sustaining and enriching our lives.

*What Do We Do From Here?

In all things we do related to the home setting, it is always a matter of choice. This is a question we each can answer. However, one suggestion is for us to re-evaluate our approach to hiring home maintenance and improvement contractors. The other recommendation is that we take advantage of HGRBS’ “New Year’s Powerpack Series 1-4.” These helpful booklets are free, downloadable, and useable.

Our homes are the best wonders of the world. But we are the best wonders of our homes!

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*HGRBS, a national volunteer nonprofit, exclusive consumer information service, with an emphasis on supporting self-empowerment among U.S. private home decision-makers. Special focus is on sharing related information enabling residents to make the safest and wisest decisions in resident-contractor relations.

New Year’s Powerpack Series 1-4:


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