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Soon, for many of us, it will be time once again for spring cleaning and laying out plans for all the repairs and improvements we are going to need. Rake residual leaves, feed the lawn, clean the gutters, refinish our backyard decks, adjust this, adjust that, redo- the driveway, etc….

*Not As Far As We Think

When we think of it, spring is not as distant as it can seem. Despite the present challenges we have in the wake of the coronavirus, there remains quite a bit we can still do in and around where we live. No doubt, on some projects, we are going to require professional assistance.

Regardless of how earnestly we DIY, we will never get around to everything. Some projects like refurbishing the garage or cleaning our climate control systems’ ducts, may be better attended by those more experienced than we. But who are we going to hire?

Let us say on our spring to-do list; there are a few items we rather have someone else address:

a. Clear off the roof

b. Clean gutters and adjust shields

c. Check for upper gaps that birds and squirrels can get through

d. Seal any upper gaps found

e. Pressure wash siding, deck, and walkway

There are always other things we prefer others to do. But if we do not have regular contractors to assist with our spring preparations, we will search for them. Here is where it can get a bit awkward. The reason is that, for us to get the right people, we would have to first know if whether they will do great work. That is not always such an easy thing to do.

Our greatest expectation is to have someone aptly skilled to do the work we have lined up. Yet, even more than that, a contractor who is honest. But how can we distinguish between who is and who is not? There is no doubt that is the crucial determinate to whatever the outcome of the agreement.

*Who Will We Hire For Spring Support?

Many of us know that planning is one of the most effective tools we have for ensuring that things turn out in our favor. Yes, spring is a few weeks up the road, but it can be to our advantage to refine our present goals for that time to include hiring dependable individuals.

This is a very special concern since, not long ago, an arrest warrant was issued for a man who managed to convince many homeowners of his trustworthiness. These residents did not see him for what he was: a residential scam artist. He did not “look” the part. No doubt, he was a very handsome young man. Who would imagine that such an innocent-looking specimen of humanity could be so cruel as to collect down payments on repairs but not show up to do them? They were shocked!


This spring, it is reasonably understood that we would much rather avoid being so dumbstruck on realizing that the contractor in whom we placed so much confidence was a “residential thief.” In light of this severe threat posed by individuals in the building trades (such as those in contracting) who are morally corrupt, we may want to re-think our hiring strategies for the incoming season. Can we make better choices? Can we improve our hiring strategy as an extra measure against being defrauded? Are we willing to?

HGRBS nonprofit offers many free, downloadable homeowner’s guides which can be very useful in the decision-making process. Through these home-fraud-preventative booklets, residents can benefit from learning to refine the approach enlisting contractor support. These variously offer critical answers relative to:

*Better approaches to selecting and hiring contractors.

*Special recommendations and reasons for not arbitrarily giving contractors advance money.

*Risks of using online contractor referral agencies.

*Precautions against being too lenient or permissive.

  • Lots more private home tips and strategies

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Edited with special assistance from S. Swanson

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*HGRBS is a national volunteer nonprofit which is an exclusive consumer information service. There an emphasis on supporting self-empowerment among U.S. private home decision-makers. Special focus is on sharing related information enabling residents to make the safest and wisest decisions in resident-contractor relations.

*Contractor Accused of Defrauding Multiple Homeowners


*New Year’s Powerpack Series 1-4 [free four-pack of homeowner guides]


“Better Decisions, Better Results”

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