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  • Published February 9, 2021
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As you all know furniture removal is a big task and requires a lot of care to move them safely. These big household items are most likely to suffer from surface damage or breaking, and even a little mistake while handling them can result in just that. Furniture removals should be as safe as possible, and to do so, they should be disassembled and wrapped. If you decide to use the help of any professional house removals company, they can provide you with special materials to pack as well as people who will make sure the process goes smooth and safe.

Here are a few steps to make the process of furniture removal easier:

STEP 1 - Packing

Using big boxes for storing parts of the furniture will give them extra protection from any potential damage during transport and storage. Remember to put inside some bubble wrap or foam fillers for cushioning.

While packing any fragile parts of the furniture or glass make sure there are enough layers of protection material between them.

For people who are environmental friendly and don’t want to use plastic packaging, or wraps a very effective way to cushion and protect furniture is by simply using blankets, towels, pillows, bed sheets and any other material that can be found in everyone’s house.

This can also save you money.

STEP 2 – Label

Parts of the furniture that you already packed must be labelled. Remember also to put all the parts from one furniture together as this will help you when putting it together.

Labelling the bigger pieces of furniture is also important as your house removals professionals can put them in correct rooms for you. You could save yourself a lot of unnecessary and heavy job.

When it comes to small pieces like bolts, nuts, screws, put them in a closed bag, and clearly label them, and put in the drawer where they belong to.

STEP 3 – Cover the furniture

Sometimes we hire a house clearance team to remove some of the furniture and put into storage for some time. Storage units may have different humidity levels so, it is important to prepare


Always put plastic covers on top of already packed furniture. It will protect them from rain or moisture.

STEP 4 – Moving heavy items

Some big furniture can be difficult to disassemble and too heavy for you to carry. Always ask for help member of your house clearance team. They are trained, have experience in moving heavy items, and often they have special equipment to help move big furniture around without scratching the floor or the furniture.

Take apart everything what you can, take out drawers, doors before packing, wrapping, and moving.

STEP 5 – Hire professional house removals team

If you have a lot of heavy and big furniture to move it is advisable to get help from professional company. Whether you are moving house or want to get rid of some furniture house removals or house clearance company can do it for you. They will take care of all the aspects of the furniture removals including packing, loading, transport and assembly.

But before you decide which company to hire to make some research online, ask friends for any recommendations.

Remember that some cheaper removals services can cost you much more when damage happen, than a good professional and experienced company with higher prices.

STEP 6 – Take a day off from work

When moving day comes make sure you booked it off. It will help you to navigate the team of people that will help you with the removal. You can ask professionals to take everything from point a to point b without you even touching anything. What will be left for you to do is to unpack your belongings and enjoy a new place.

Hope this few tips will be useful when one day you will have to move.

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