How to properly repair a hole in stucco


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  • Published February 9, 2021
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If you have a stucco surface on your home or business, rest assured that at some point, something will damage it, and you will be left deciding how to repair the hole. In our opinion, if the hole is fairly large, you will do better to hire a professional stucco contractor. The time and technique involved in repair a large hole in stucco is more than an unexperienced person is prepared to take on. However, if the hole is small, self repair is often a viable option.

When preparing to fix the hole, you'll start by cleaning the area around the hole, and the hole itself, with a wire brush. This will help clean the area, and aid in the new stucco adhering to the existing area. Try to scrub inside the hole as well. Next, use compressed air, or something similar, to blow the loose particles out of the hole and away from the area that you are preparing. Make sure to wear eye protection while you are doing this.

Once the area is free of loose debris, seal the hole with a polyurethane caulking. The caulking will seal the hole, in the event that the hole has punctured the water barrier. The caulking should leave a small indention at the entrance of the hole. This is perfect, as it helps the new stucco adhere to the area. Allow the caulking to dry for 24-48 hours.

Now, apply a finish product to the area, to make it match the surrounding stucco. You can use a stucco finish material, or a premixed repair compound. If you need the color matched, take a sample of stucco from your home or business to your local supplier and have a color match conducted. This can take up to 5 weeks.

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