New ABC Sitcom, 'Home Economics' picked up, starring Topher Grace

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  • Published February 25, 2021
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Recently, ABC has picked up the TV Series, ‘Home Economics’. The show is written by Michael Colton & John Aboud, as well as being executive produced by Topher Grace.

The single-camera, family sitcom is about 3 adult siblings: 1 in the 1%, the other being middle-class, and the oldest barely holding on. The show is based off of writer-producer, Michael Colton and his family.

Home Economics stars actors Topher Grace, Jimmy Tatro, Caitlin McGee, Karla Souza, Sasheer Zamata, Shiloh Bearman, Chloe Jo Rountree, JeCobi Swain as well as Jordyn Curet. It also features Lidia Porto, Phil Reeves, and Nora Dunn.

Topher Grace, the star and producer, says this: “I didn’t think I was gonna do another TV Show, but once I read the script I knew I had to do it.”

Topher Grace is an extremely well-known actor, specifically known for his role as Eric Forman in the popular TV Series, ‘That ‘70s Show.’ Some of his other popular roles are Carter in, ‘In Good Company,’ which also stars Scarlett Johansson and Dennis Quaid, Venom/Eddie Brock in ‘Spider-man 3’, and another huge role being Pete Monash in ‘Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!. Topher Grace has had a successful career with hundreds more roles. Grace will be playing the middle sibling, as well as being the middle-class sibling, Tom.

Caitlin McGee is an actress, known for playing Jimmy Smits’(Elijah Strait) daughter, Sydney Strait, in the popular NBC Legal Drama, ‘Bluff City Law.’ Caitlin has plenty more successful roles. McGee will be playing the oldest and the sibling with the least money, Sarah.

Jimmy Tatro is a well-known actor who started his career as a YouTuber and comedian, an overall funny internet personality. He writes, directs, and stars in his own TV Series/YouTube Channel, LifeAccordingToJimmy. On his channel, he has a total of 3.46 million subscribers, and his total amount of views is around 673 million. Per video, he gets around 300k views to about 1-9 million. Some of his most popular projects include, of course, ‘LifeAccordingToJimmy,’ where Tatro portrays himself, ‘American Vandal,’ where he plays Dylan Maxwell, and lastly ‘22 Jump Street,’ where he plays Rooster. Tatro has been in plenty more projects and successful roles. Jimmy will play the youngest and richest sibling, Connor.

Karla Souza is a successful Haspanic-American actress. She is more well known for her spanish roles, but is still very well-known and has been cast in 40+ projects (including Home Economics). Some of her most famous roles include Laurel Castillo in the popular ABC Crime-Drama series, ‘How to Get Away with Murder,’ her role as Roxana Robledo in ‘Suave patria,’ Jackie in, ‘Instructions Not Included,’ and Barbara Noble in, ‘We Are the Nobles.’ Souza will play Tom’s wife, Marina.

Sasheer Zamata is a well-known actress. Zamata made her breakthrough after appearing in multiple sketches in the famous comedy series, ‘Saturday Night Live!. Since then, she’s gotten many roles. Some of her most popular roles (besides Saturday Night Live) include her roles as Tasha in the comedy hit starring Amy Schumer, ‘I Feel Pretty,’ Jessie Adams in the movie, ‘Spree,’ and finally Ayana in, ‘Woke.’ Sasheer has gotten hundreds more roles, some of which she’s written and directed. Zamata will play Denise, Sarah’s wife.

Shiloh Bearman is a child actress. Her career has just started, and Home Economics is most likely going to be her breakout role. Bearman’s roles include Young Sunshine in the drama movie, ‘bUMS,’ and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ Shiloh also directs and writes her own projects, as well as starring in them. Bearman will play Connor’s daughter, Gretchen.

Chloe Jo Rountree is a child actress. Her father is a writer and director, and her mother is also an actress. She’s been acting since a young age, mostly appearing in her dad (David Rountree)’s roles. Rountree’s roles include her role as Jo Jo in her father’s short film, ‘See Me,’ Jo Jo Ridley in another one of her dad’s films, ‘400 to Oahu,’ and Dahila in another one of her father’s successful films, ‘CUT!. Rountree will play Marina and Tom’s daughter, Camilla.

JeCobi Swain is a successful child actor. Swain’s roles include Ray-Ray in the successful dramedy, ‘Troop Zero,’ Shad in the comedy, ‘Greener Grass,’ Marcus Betterman in the short film, ‘Porcelain,’ Curtis in the short drama, ‘When I Was Younger,’ and plenty more roles. JeCobi will be playing Sarah and Denise’s son, Kelvin.

Jordyn Curet is a successful child actress. Some of her most popular roles include Molly in Noah Baumbach’s successful drama, ‘Marriage Story,’ Alexandra in the later seasons of the famous Disney sitcom, ‘Raven’s Home.’ Jordyn is also the host of the TV Series, ‘Life Hacks for Kids.’ Curet will be playing Kelvin’s sister, as well as Denise and Sarah’s daughter, Shamiah.

Home Economics will be coming to ABC April 7th this year at around 7-8:00pm PST. This new show will be hilarious, with an amazing cast and fantastic writing. Stay tuned!

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