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  • Author Adam Wilson
  • Published March 8, 2021
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YetiShare File Hosting Script is a prebuilt file-hosting website that you can customize and tailor to your unique needs to launch a professional file hosting or file sharing website in no time. You do not need to know anything about coding to launch a website, and the many extra features provided let you enjoy full control. YetiShare provides full support for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices thanks to its highly responsive Flow theme. The theme automatically scales and rearranges on-page elements depending on the size of the screen or the device it is being displayed on. This ensures a good experience for both mobile and desktop users. Even the admin area has been designed with mobile users in mind as well.

In keeping with the goal to provide complete flexibility to webmasters of file hosting and file sharing sites, YetiShare supports large file uploads. This is something that other solutions often have a problem with. Indeed, many of the major file sharing platforms limit the sizes of files users can upload. Fortunately, YetiShare supports large file uploads with chunked uploading. This also means uploads of large files can be easily resumed if they are interrupted, without having to start again from the beginning. A multiple file uploader is also available, based on the latest HTML5 code. This makes it easy to upload folders full of files without having to upload each on individually. Thanks to full native support for download managers, it is also possible to resume downloads and enable multiple connections at the same time. You can enable this feature for all of your users or just those who are paying.

YetiShare offers many opportunities for monetizing your file hosting site. For example, you can make money by selling premium upgrades and subscription packages. Maybe you want to offer a basic free version for users, that lets them download a select number of files or data in a given month. However, they may upgrade to a paid tier in order to download as much as they want. On top of data caps, you can also assign bandwidth limits to user groups. The feature-rich admin area gives you the means to manage files and users with ease, configure site-wide settings, add and install plugins, and even monitor file downloads as they are happening. If there is another function you want to add, you can do so by way of plugins. Alternatively, developers can create their own plugins or add new functions by changing the source code directly. None of the source code is encoded, so you can easily amend the script however you like.

The latest version, launched in December 2020, adds text file previous, video subtitles, ad-blocking improvements, URL download progress, and many other minor fixes and improvements. Plugins are now available for Amazon S3 Storage, Wasabi Storage, Torrent downloads, and Skill. The plugins have all been updated to support the most recent versions of these platforms. There are some minor database updates in this release, which you will need to upload to your FTP server.

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Adam Wilson runs a popular file-hosting website where users can upload and share free software, games, videos, and other large files and archives.

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