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  • Author Suhayl Laher
  • Published March 15, 2021
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Hear the word ‘rustic’ and you’d be forgiven for thinking this type of interior look can only be achieved in authentic country homes, wooden ski lodges and grand half-timbered houses - but this isn’t the case.

So, in this post we’ll rid you of your misconceptions about rustic interiors, helping you achieve a genuine country-home aesthetic regardless of the age of your property or the potential limitations attached to your space.

An interior design type fondly associated with the phrase, ‘home is where the heart is’, we’ll show you how to make the most of weathered wood, leather furniture and stone foundations in your living room with a cosy frame in mind. All this will go towards evoking feelings of warmth, love and familiarity as a result - perfect for escaping the mayhem of the outside world.

Channel rustic style through your walls and floors

The first stage of creating a quintessentially rustic interior is to start with your foundations - more specifically, the walls and floors. By creating a rustic frame, you’ll have a better, more informed idea of the furniture and decorations you need to buy to suit the room - helping your entire design come together effortlessly.

To do this effectively, making use of raw materials is key here. As such, consider laying oak wood flooring in your living room to create a natural feel in your home - this will allow you to tie in your decorations to suit your theme easily due to the neutral effect wooden flooring imposes.

Similarly, for those of you not quite lucky enough to have stone walls already set within the foundations of your home, look to typically rustic split face tiles for inspiration on how to build an interior that prioritises depth and authenticity to create the ultimate country home appeal.

Conjure up a homely feel with your furniture and features

Once you’ve finalised your living room’s base features, it’s time to consider the furniture and other focal features that are sure to add the element of familiarity to your home. For an interior favouring a suburban feel, opt for comfortable leather sofas that will age well over time, ensuring your rustic interior continues to convince both your family and guests of its natural country roots.

Alternatively, if you want to channel that rural feel, why not put emphasis on existing features like fireplaces that are a natural focal point? Whether you have a functioning open fire or a wood burning stove, show this integral feature the attention it deserves with a mini makeover. From vintage florals to traditional ceramic fireplace tiles, with a fresh new look it will scream rustic even when it’s not in use.

For those homes missing a fireplace or mantlepiece, get creative and invest in a bookcase or second-hand piece of cabinetry that will become a beautiful focal point in your rustic room. Using chunky reclaimed wood, eyes will be drawn to this feature and the decorations displayed on it, creating an ultimate farmhouse-style tied together with your nature-inspired walls and floors.

In your décor

Decoration in a rustic living room is key. To ensure your home oozes comfort and style, make use of family pictures and things you’ve picked up from antique auctions and thrift shops to create a quintessentially homely and lived in feel. For those of you with a fireplace, ensure you keep wood neatly stocked to the side of your stove, complementing this with an iron fire poker set to add an element of ruggedness to the otherwise quaint country look.

Focusing on building texture, when it comes to a rustic design you can never have too many throws and cushions. As such, don’t hesitate to cloak your sofa with chequered throws, not forgetting to scatter your floors with seagrass rugs and placing faux-fur cushions on armchairs to really emphasise the element of cosiness.

Rustic interior design never seems to go out of style and with these steps you should have all you need to pull off a rustic, rural-inspired living room that feels cosy and welcoming all year round.

Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers - bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects and developers with a huge range of floor and wall tiles, as well as outdoor tiles, fireplace tiles fireplace tiles and accessories.

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