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  • Author Steve Smith
  • Published March 20, 2021
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If you want to grow your roofing company, you need sales. In order to generate sales you need leads. Companies nationwide are faced with the same challenge as they try everything from using direct mail to paying for “per click” ads on the web. Here are four ways that will help you find clients for your roofing business or any business for that matter..

  1. Build an email list.

Build an email list of potential customers. This list should include past and present customers as well as a targeted audience of potential customers. If you do not have an email list already, it is important that you begin one now.

  1. Network.

Make alliances with other contractors and related businesses. Partner with entities such as building contractors, material suppliers, inspectors, or anyone else you may interface with during a roofing contract. This type of arrangement can generate quality leads through referrals.

  1. Social Media

Use social media! It draws significant attention to your business and gives it the publicity you need for brand and name recognition. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will all provide your business with needed exposure for online success.

  1. Reviews

Internet reviews can be used as a way to generate leads. Reviews are very important to roofing contractors and serve as a good lead generator.

Without sales, a business won't survive very long. But before you can get a sale you need a lead. Hopefully these tips will help bring in more leads to your roofing business..

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