How to Find the Monster Hunter World (MHW) Warped Bone

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Within the Monster Hunter World (MHW) universe, there are many different items to collect that help you progress through the game, whether that be consumables perfect for avoiding death in a monster fight or crafting materials to improve and level up your armour and weapons.

One of these materials is warped bone. The MHW warped bone is a rare material needed to level up your various gear and armour pieces, crucial for completing the game and fighting Monster Hunter World’s final bosses.

What is the MHW Warped Bone?

The warped bone is a material used to help improve various armour and weapons pieces. It is a challenging item to find with the item only located in one specific area within the game and randomly generated, meaning it is all down to luck as to whether it drops.

Thus, the probability of getting a warped bone is low, meaning this item is a frustrating item to find for many players. The item is one of the rarest bone materials you can get in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Warped Bone location

You can find the MHW warped bone in one specific area, the Rotten Vale. The Rotten Vale can be unlocked around midway through Monster Hunter World's main story and contains many monsters such as Odogaron.

It is an area filled with monster corpses, a decomposing wasteland that is a graveyard for monsters. To access this area, you need to have completed the main story quest Radobaan Roadblock. After completing this quest, you should have full access to the Rotten Vale.

You can access the Rotten Vale through either a quest mission or an expedition, with the latter being the most advised option so that you can have adequate time to find the warped Bone. The Rotten Vale is split into several smaller sections; the warped bone can be found in any one of these areas and is generated randomly.

How to find the item in the Rotten Vale

The item is located in bone piles throughout these areas. Bone piles are relatively common throughout the Rotten Vale. However, the chances of getting a warped bone from these bone piles are not. It is all down to luck as to whether an MHW warped bone drops.

Nevertheless, when you see a bone pile, make sure to harvest its materials and hopefully, you get lucky. Although even rarer, it is possible to get a warped bone from defeating certain monsters and gathering their materials. Slaying Raphinos and Rabobann gives you the chance of acquiring the item.

Defeating Raphinos grants you an 8% chance of receiving the bone, while killing a Rabobann gives you a 31% chance of the item dropping but the chances of a drop vary depending on the ranking of the quest.

You can also obtain the item through several different Rotten Vale missions as base rewards. Such assignments include low-rank missions such as A Rotten Thing To Do to master rank missions like The Lord of the Underworld Beckons.

The probability of the item dropping varies depending on the mission's rank, with a 12-16% chance of a Monster Hunter World warped bone dropping. You can find a list of quests that reward the item here.

How can MHW Warped Bones be used?

The Monster Hunter World warped bone is primarily used to upgrade your equipment and weapons. In terms of weapons, the warped bone is needed to forge most Dragon Bone weapon set's low-rank weapons.

The item can also be used to upgrade several high-level armaments, such as upgrading the Pulsa Shotel 11 into the Pulsa Shotel 111 long sword.

Likewise, the Warped bone can make high-level armour, such as the Odogaron Alpha set and the bone alpha set.

Finally, the warped bone can create a range of charms needed to give your character a buff during intense boss battles. Such charms include the master's charm and the blaze charm. A complete list of charms, armour pieces and weapons that require the MHW warped bone can be found here.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, this is one of the rarest items in the game. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some, they can be invaluable in constructing the best charms, weapons and armour in MHW.

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