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March. For many, as we continue wrestling with the scourge of the “corona factor,” it is great to know that it is gradually becoming less so. Spring is in the air, and there is much to do within and around our homes. Undoubtedly, we are going to require professional assistance. Yet even more, in order for us to successfully “pull this off,” these affairs must be managed well.

*But There Is Room for “Complacency”

Foremost, let us consider what is meant, at this juncture, by “complacency.” To illustrate, we can showcase a real commercial for a home service which we can register for online. But we will be kind enough not to mention its name since the ad is telecast nationally.

The clip provides a few fast-paced scenarios where homeowners endure a few household challenges such as the kitchen sink suddenly erupting with torrential sprays of water dousing the person standing there; another, whose clothing surprisingly flies from the dryer which apparently has a broken shut-off switch; and yet another whose air conditioner “goes bonkers.” In the process, it generates gale force winds so strong that the homeowner (who remains seated) is “blown” backwards (still in the chair) from the dwelling through the neighborhood. Ring a bell?

Nevertheless, none of the actors did a thing to rectify their “emergencies” except reassure viewers that they did not have to since they have an absentee home service available to help them. Some may see this commercial as hilarious. However, there is a very strong, subliminal message the ad sponsors appear to attempt sending: “Whatever service need, do not panic, we have you covered. We will be there to fix it.” Yet, more succinctly, when there are home issues, the advertisers apparently want us to think of them, first, rather than using our resourcefulness to physically do something to remedy the situation. Evidently, if the kitchen sink suddenly sprays as aggressively as it did in the commercial – we would instinctively dip beneath it then quickly shut off the valves. But to just stand there as the actor did in the commercial – without doing anything about it, obviously is a bit too naive. It is also – poor home management.

*A Striking Correlation

There is no doubt that when we need professional assist on our home projects, our first preference is for reliable building tradesmen/women working as contractors in home improvement. But we may not always “do the work” to ensure our decision to this effect is sound.

Some homeowners simply search online since, today, this is a popular way for locating the right contractors. Others may take a shorter route by responding to a broadcast or televised ad.

Unfortunately, by and large, there are casualties. The reason is that, in a great deal of cases of home fraud, residents did nothing significant to first learn more about their predators. Quite directly, the sum of what they did to be certain they were making a reasonable decision: Nothing. The evidence is that if the choice was wisely made, the outcome will have been different – consistent with their best expectations.

*A Matter Of Focus

This spring, without a doubt, many of us will hire any of an assortment of contractors, from builders to renovators to repairman/women. However, foremost towards decisions we are going to make: focus. On this hinges our level of success and failure this spring enlisting the services of professionals working in or around the home setting.

Rudimentary to this is not so much as “who” we hire as it is “how.” This always begins with who we perceive we are and what impact we should have consistent with that. As owner of the home and acreage surrounding it, we are the legitimate managers. By virtue of who we are, we alone determine the quality of the outcome. We may want each home project to be performed so well, that when our neighbors are around, they will gaze at our successfully executed home projects, and say:

“This is what great home management looks like!”

For more details on how we can be at our very best in resident-contractor relations this spring – and onward, please download the HGRBS free homeowner’s guide:

“Residents – Ultimate Home Project Managers” [see Resource Box].

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*HGRBS, is a national volunteer nonprofit which is an exclusive consumer information service. There an emphasis on supporting self-empowerment among U.S. private home decision makers. Special focus is on sharing related information enabling residents to make safest and wisest decisions in resident-contractor relations.

Residents – Ultimate Home Project Managers (Free download):


“Better Decisions, Better Results”

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