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  • Author Sheryl Jennings
  • Published April 16, 2021
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With spring in the air, birds chirping in the trees, oftentimes homeowners feel the urge to freshen up their space for the season. Spring cleaning, spring home improvement- there’s just something about the sunshine that makes us want to improve our spaces! As a house painting company, we see a big increase in the amount of inquiries around this time, for exactly this reason.

It makes sense- painting is one of the best ways to make a major difference in the look and feel of a space without dishing out major cash, or taking on construction. We’ve seen first hand how a new color on the walls can make a room look completely different, and dramatically improve it. If you’re feeling the need to brighten up your space, here are some ideas for easy spring painting projects that can pack a punch.

Cabinets: we always recommend that people repaint their cabinets when they’re looking for a change without a big investment. Something as simple as staining your cabinets a new shade, or painting them a lighter tone can really make your kitchen light up, not to mention making your space feel more modern. Lately we’ve seen shades of taupe, forest greens, and off whites be the most popular choices. Something about a contrast between the rest of your kitchen and the cabinets can really elevate the area.

Accent wall: this may be a controversial one, but we love an accent wall. If your living room or bedroom is feeling dated, adding an accent wall can immediately add a fun twist to the room! Playing with contrasting colors can help your rooms really leave an impression. This is especially easy to do if your furniture is mostly neutral shades, because it’s not difficult to color coordinate. A pop of color on one wall is one of our favorite ways to brighten up a room for spring.

Bathroom: Have you always wanted to update your bathroom? If so, now is the time! We love transforming a bathroom or powder room with a fresh pastel for spring. This is one of the most fun ways to make a part of your house feel completely new, without a hefty price tag! Because bathrooms are so small, they aren’t a big investment, and new shade in their may just brighten up your day every time you see it. To us, that’s what counts!

Every now and then, everyone starts to feel like their space is outdated or boring. Small projects like these can make your space feel new, without causing your wallet to hurt! Painting is the fastest, simplest, and most affordable way to upgrade your home and make it really feel like you. A fresh coat on the walls has a dramatic affect on the feel of a room, which is why we love to recommend this service for people looking for change without an overwhelming price tag. Spring is in the air, and your home should feel bright and fun for spring. Consider one of these ideas for a low cost, low commitment way to renew your room!

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