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Custom products evoke many emotions. They create long-lasting memories out of simple products. Custom key chains have always been popular as corporate gifts. People use them regularly, and therefore key chains are very popular as handout gifts.

Why demand for custom keychain is on the rise?

Let us understand the reason behind the rise in the demand for custom key chains.

Enhanced consumer experience

Custom key chains offer many publicity options such as custom embroidered key chains, custom medals key chains, custom PVC key chains & others. People use key chains every day, and therefore, it enhances the customer experience and keeps brands' message front and centre.

High visibility

Custom key chains always remain in the sight of not only your receiver but everyone around them sees it. So, whatever is printed on these custom key chains will get the attention of everyone, and if they locate any custom embroidered key chains or custom medals key chains, people will hold them to look closely to see their uniqueness. They also travel with your receiver wherever they go. From work to a casual gathering to home, custom key chains intrigue everyone.


All types of key chains such as custom key chains, custom embroidered key chains, custom PVC key chains, custom medals key chains are cost-effective and look elegant. You can use any of these key chains without worrying about the costs. Whether you plan for corporate gifts, fundraisers, or other team events, you will get something special out of these key chains at affordable pricing. Key chains are easy to transport and distribute, so they are handy to recipients & distributors.

Unique choices & options

There are various options available to choose from when you make up your mind to purchase custom key chains. You can choose from exclusive custom embroidered key chains, custom medals key chains, custom PVC key chains, bottle opener key chains, and many more. They are available in all shapes and colours. So, print your logos and message and create a long-lasting reminder of your brand.

Different types of custom key chains

You can divide custom key chains into the following types.

Custom PVC keychain

Manufacturers use soft PVC material to make custom PVC key chains. Therefore, they are called soft key chains as well. You can customize it as per your liking, and it can be designed in various shapes, sizes, and colours. They are also available in both 2D and 3D designs. The only drawback of having custom PVC key chains is that the colour will fade in years to come, and they can look bad if not cleaned properly.

Acrylic key chains

Acrylic key chains look like glass. Pure & transparent. They are also called glass key chains, and the conventional shapes for them are rectangle, square, round, and oval. Acrylic is used in various industries. To put your favourite picture inside them, you need acrylic blank key chains. Acrylic products have unparalleled brightness. They are tough and durable. So, they can’t be easily broken or damaged. When they get dirty or messy, you can clean them easily with soft paper.

Zinc alloy key chains

Custom key chains made with zinc alloy material are available in various shapes, sizes, colours, or finishing. They also look shiny under lights. Key chains attached with a durable metal key ring look beautiful in enamel colours and different metal finishes. You can also pick antique finishes to add old-world charm and value to your custom key chains.

Lantern leather key chains

This type of keychain is a high-quality custom keychain. They are expensive and can be offered for special and high-level business use. Leather material is used for the creation of the pendant part. Some of the leather key chains have tiny lights for illumination. These key chains are widely used as premium car shop's promotional gifts to their customers.

Solar key chains

As the name suggests, solar key chains are installed with solar power and LCD inside. They are expensive and perceived as high-value products to gift. They are also used to promote your brand, new arrivals, and other business activities. You can print your brand's logos for better reach.

ABS key chains

Manufactures use ABS material to make ABS key chains. ABS is premium plastic material having stunning attributes. They are superior to PVC key chains and are also available in various shapes and styles. They offer unmatched durability and are used for access keychain and door open access cards. The drawback of this keychain is that it is more suitable for large orders and has an expensive mold charge.

Crystal key chains

This type of keychain is cheaper than other custom key chains. They use the artificial crystal as a base frame and can be shaped in various designs. They are popular among youngsters as they are best suited for romantic gifts. People customize it with their favourite photos, pictures, or quotes.

Tips for choosing custom key chains

• Custom key chains may be low-priced, but they are not poorly made or have bad quality. You can customize your key chains as per your material choices. Its objective is to leave an impression in the minds of its target audience. However, you have to be conscious enough to not choose custom gifts that are too cheap as customers may become suspicious of your brand. Key chains are useful every day, and therefore you can customize them with your brand's logo or message to make it a high-value gift.

• Custom products are not always about advertisement. It is more about an emotional connection brand wants to have with its target audience. To add a personal touch, a brand has to think of a way that engages them with your brand emotionally. You can add an element of oracular charm in placing your logo and message. It doesn't have to big and bold; an understated approach may help you generate more interest.

• Custom key chains are not study-board. You should not put too much information on that. The content you put on the keychain should not exceed one-third of the volume of the gift. Colour, size, and content should complement each other.

• You can also choose custom key chains that integrate multiple features like bottle opener key chains or flashlight key chains. Every time people use them, your brand will pop into their minds.

So, keep these tips in mind while purchasing custom key chains, custom embroidered key chains, custom PVC key chains, custom medals key chains, and others.

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