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  • Published May 9, 2021
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Before remodeling your bathroom, there are vital questions any homeowner should ask. Understanding the process, the materials, and the options is imperative to set expectations on both sides. I would go further and ensure that you also are clear on what your main purpose and goals are with these renovations. What do you expect and want from this remodeling project? Designing and building from scratch are different than re-designing and remodeling.

What is the best bathroom floor?

Flooring is very important as a bathroom deals with so much moisture and water. First, you should consider safety, meaning a non-slip floor. Some homeowners have pre-conceived ideas and expectations from what they see in magazines. For example, beautiful fancy marble floors could be a disaster as you walk barefoot after a shower. Hardwood floor is another terrible choice. A good contractor will recommend you ceramic tile or waterproof vinyl planks. Some vinyl planks look like tiles which is quite cool and much cheaper to install. In sum, waterproof flooring, such as tile or vinyl is the best option for your bathroom floor.

Is there a way to create more storage space?

Restrooms tend to be so small, especially in Hawaii where each square foot costs a lot already. Having enough space to store towels, toiletries, and other fundamentals is key. Sometimes a creative remodeler will look and find a way to change or add more vanity space. Other times, converting from a bathtub to a shower will be a great option too. It is all about being creative and planning ahead. Let your contractor know that you need more storage space and he will let you know what works from experience.

Bathtub or shower?

If you as the homeowner have more than one bathroom in the house, it is a very smart choice to install a walk-in shower in at least one of them. As the family grows a bathtub is helpful for bathing babies and kids. However, as the same family grows older, showers are much more accessible and easier to clean. I would say that the trend is that they are also more desirable and you can use so many different tile colors and designs to make it “pop” from a boring white wall.

What about ventilation?

Bathrooms are the part of the house which accumulates the highest amount of moisture. Even if you take a quick shower at room temperature, there will still be water on the wall and moisture in the air. Making sure that you upkeep your ventilation system is key. You don’t want mold and mildew growing in there. Since you are remodeling, make sure that your current system is still good, or consider building one if you don’t have one.

What about the electrical and plumbing?

The conditions of your current bathroom plumbing and electrical are imperative to figure out before a remodeling. This is actually the best time for those upgrades as well. Make sure you have your contractor look it over before giving you’re an estimate of the cost. That is because upgrades in plumbing and electrical will most likely increase the cost significantly. You don’t want to find that out after you chose everything else, and then need to downgrade.

What are the little details that can make a difference in my new bathroom?

There are so many options when it comes to upgrading your bathroom. Better bathroom materials, bright light, new floor, and painting for example. If the bathroom you are remodeling is for your own use you should consider installing recessed lighting (above the shower and vanity is a great example). Make sure the light is as bright as possible. Also, pick a design for your tiles. Anything even simple. Anything is better than all tiles of the same color. Basically, you just want to use that to add color to your bathroom. Then match the towers, and other accessories with the color you chose for the tiles. Another detail you can upgrade that can make a difference is the showerhead and fixtures. You can choose more luxurious showerheads, even build a tower with different functions such as massager, rain, and more. It will spice up your shower time and be the topic of conversation for any guest you may have using that bathroom.

Putting the greatest emphasis on functional and customized features can ensure your satisfaction with your bathroom remodeling project. Renovating your bathroom will likely increase your satisfaction every morning and night as you get ready for work and for bed. Therefore, spend the time needed to ensure you get the most out of this renovation.

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