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  • Author Desislava Georgieva
  • Published June 2, 2021
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We all know it very well – nothing can compare to sitting back in your favorite, comfortable chair after exhausting day at the office or doing the housework. It’s a bliss. But something is missing in that picture, isn’t it? Put an ottoman in front of the chair and rest your feet on it – that makes it complete.

And here come the questions. But what about its style? And what about the shape? And the color? The height? We have some advices, of course! J

Should it be the same as the chair?

Many chairs have their matching ottomans but that’s not mandatory by any means. It’s not a rare case that someone fall in love with a piece of furniture literally at first sight. If that’s your case and you want it badly – the grab it! Well, it’s good after all to pick one that at least like it belongs to the room or the area where you plan to place it.

Should the styles match?

The short answer is no. You can pair many, really many ottomans with your chair. But still, bear in mind that if both styles are totally different, they could ruin the harmony of the place. Of course if you a design guru you can make a strong accent by placing different style ottoman to your favorite chair. If that’s not you, at least try to pair pieces from the same era, or with the same fashion concept.

For instance, urban and contemporary style ottomans tend to have sleek, clean lines, and neutral colors. This will drastically differ from a traditional style chair which will quite possibly be large and heavy piece, with (why not) tufted cushions. But place the that urban ottoman next to a mid-century modern chair and there you go – you have a great set.

Mind the size

In most cases you will look for harmony. Don’t place a large ottoman next to a small chair. It will look odd and ruin the balance. Buy a small ottoman for a small-scale chair and you will always be on the safe side. Also, consider the size of your living space – big house will need bigger furniture pieces but for a small apartment it’s pretty clear that you need to choose smaller items.

Unleash shapes

Round to round, square to square? Boring! There is no such rule and your round ottoman will pair great with a square chair, we promise! As long as their heights match and you picked pieces which furniture styles are similar.

Desislava is a home décor enthusiast. She writes about opportunities - this is an opportunity to make one feels more "like home".

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