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  • Published June 7, 2021
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Harassment is unwelcome, unwanted behaviour that can violate your dignity, degrade, humiliate, hostile, intimate or offensive. Basically unwanted and unwelcome attention.

Victimisation can effect an individual or household. And singling out for cruel or unjust treatment. Can be peer bully or victimisation.

Harassment and victimisation is unwanted by the victim causing alarm or distress. Stalking and harassment are difficult to prosecute and need sensitive handling because if victim care.

Stalking and harassment can come under the definition of domestic violence.

Stalking an d harassment is unwanted attention where the victims wishes are not being respected. Because to the victim the attention is unwanted and unwelcome. It can cause the victim distress or fear to any reasonable person. There could be teasing or innuendo that is unwanted or inappropriate looking or touching. Or emotional abuse, like stopping you from seeing people, you see people less often or verbal abuse. Can isolate so you have little contact with friends, family or neighbours. All things that can cause distress to there victim and can take over there quality of life.

There are law like protection from harassment act 1997 in the UK. Harassment and stalking i found guilty can be imprisoned, for the crime.

Stalking is following a person or attempting to contact a person or watching or spying on a person, or interfere with any property in the possession off.

Stalking can affect someone psychologically as well.

Stalking, harassment and victimisation is a breach of personal space and is a violation as well. And is very unwanted and unwelcome. And it affects your personal choices and wishes.

Stalking, harassment and victimisation. Is actually a criminal offence. And the offender can be imprisoned even though it maybe hard to get a conviction because of the nature of the crime.

The criminal can monitor there victims whereabouts and who they interact with.

Victimisation can be harassment, to a victim of crime and tormented about that crime.

Victimisation, harassment and stalking is against the law. And can have a massive impact on the victim. And can take time to rebuild there life, after such a crime.

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