Electric Motorcycles, is it time?

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  • Published June 13, 2021
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Electric Motorcycles, is it time?

To answer this question right off the bat - Yes, it is! Electric motorcycles are in current times capable of competing with ICE (internal combustion engine) motorcycles, in pretty much all aspects.

With recent years advances in battery technology, and specifically battery production cost reductions, there is an ever growing flow of electric vehicle companies. There are several aspects from economic to performance all the way to technology being equipped on some motorcycles.

In addition, since motorcycles are not normally being considered as major polluters, the move towards these models are actually driven by the riders and their savvy understanding of the advantages electric motorcycles hold.

In the 4-wheel space, where governmental tax credits and statements towards all electric cars by 2030, there is an ever growing economic aspect and legislation aspects that have greater impact on this shift, whereas in the 2-wheel space, the practicality, performance and many other pros give electric motorcycles an edge on their gas powered rivals.

So, what are the main advantages an electric motorcycle have? Let's see some of the major points.

Superior Torque and Power

Electric motors produce immediate power and torque, whether the motor sits on the wheel axis (hub motor) or power a chain/ belt (mid-mounted motors) - they both produce immediate power to the wheel. While gas-powered engines take more time to reach peak power and torque, and reaching high RPMs, electric motors reach peak power and torque from 0 RPM - immediately.

There is already a MotoGP - MotoE, with electric motorcycles make by the great Italian Energica, which makes these special track models that race the MotoE showing the gas powered bikes what the future will look like.

The power courve looks much different when put side by side, take a look;

This allows a comparable performance to a gas bike with a smaller motor size electric motorcycle, so that smaller power levels of an electric motor will just accelerate faster.

Comfortable and (pretty much) Maintenance free

Electric motors are not as noisy, and before you get started - I love the sound of a gas motor - but have you heard a 200hp electric motorcycle motor? Those have a very distinct and unique sound of a power and speed. Besides the noise, the lack of complex moving parts make the bike more stable, less shaky, and an overall smoother ride. No clutch or gear shifting, even on models that have gears on their electric motor, makes the ride more focused - as you can really put your ride to the limit, get a free feeling of riding, and let the motor take care of speed from zero to top, with shifting zero times. That's a very different riding experience.

Technology is here!

Almost every electric motorcycle these days have at the very least a 'management app' with some cool features. But those are no game changing things, compare to AI ride assists, hepatic motorcycle parts signaling danger, or extreme riding conditions - many more of these safety related and riding experience related methods are already here.

With recent year technology, we see AI assistance already coming to electric motorcycles, aid and danger warning motorcycle accessories are created - and cutting edge technology is produced every single day.

The “human machine interface” created by Arc Vehicle.

Damon motors - 360° PREDICTIVE AWARENESS’ system

Maintenance and convenience

Home charging that makes your home garage your gas station - just plug in to the socket, and you are ready to ride next morning. And if range bothers you - there are definitely models you can take that have the same range of the gas powered similar model. And yes - it may take longer to charge - but a big bike like the Energica, with a 21kWh battery pack can charge in about 45 minutes to full charge, or 30 minutes for 80%. The maintenance and economic savings are very significant. Less motor parts equals less malfunctions, and electric motors are quite more reliable than combustion engines, they last longer, operate smoother, and break down less after longer time spans.

Save your money, and get an electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are still more expensive than gas powered motorcycles, for the most part. With some exceptions for Chinese made models, which are bringing a heated competition to Europe and the US, despite that local competitors are manufacturing great quality. One of the reasons for the price is that batteries have only come down in price in more recent years, and the breakthrough in price to make it much cheaper should gradually set in.

After paying the initial purchase price, electric motorcycles will surely save you a lot of money. With every commute cost being cheaper than gas, you could spend a few dollars in electricity instead of tens of dollars in gas. You will have absolutely staggering low maintenance on anything related to parts or breakdowns too.

Insurance is another area where you can save cash. Electric motorcycles often get classified as smaller class brackets, making the insurance cheaper.

Are you not convinced?

Do you ride sport bikes? a cruiser, or a dual-sport? even a scooter, an MX or a dirt bike?

All of these models are already produced by many great companies - come check them out for yourself on our website.

A dedicated motorcycle enthusiast, love this planet just as much, truly believe in renewable energy sources.

Eco friendly, planet loving, rider, reader.

I believe in conduction a respectful and friendly communication, spreading the amazing progress that is coming along in electric vehicles and specifically motorcycles.



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