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  • Published June 9, 2021
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Eternity bands make the perfect gift for engagement, weddings, and anniversaries. But, have you thought, Why are Eternity Bands so special?

Well, the Eternity band has diamonds and rarely gemstones all over the band in a full or half circle. Nowadays, Eternity bands have become the epitome to commemorate special occasions and delve into everlasting pure love.

Here are 7 facts about Eternity Bands :

  1. Origin

The concept of exchanging rings in weddings and engagements shows the symbol of commitment with each other. During Ancient Egyptian times, they believed the ring symbolizes the eternal bond in a relationship, and the space between them depicts the life of the couple in the future.

One of the popular designs of the time was a snake eating its tail, symbolizing the eternity of life. And, that is the reason why they become the best wedding rings.

  1. Diamond Eternity Bands: Lady’s first love

Without a doubt, it is a clear fact that ladies love diamond eternity bands. They prefer eternity bands for almost all occasions. The eternity bands are classified into half-eternity and full-eternity bands for sophistication styling.

Evidently, diamond shimmers attract the attention of all the ladies out there.

  1. Eternity bands always remained in Trend

Significantly, the design after the Ancient Egyptian civilization came after the 1960s. One interesting story behind the origin of the Eternity band goes like this: there was a trendy innovative diamond campaign by a diamond merchant called De Beers, who had a secret merchant deal with the Soviet Union to buy at least 90% uncut diamonds from Russia.

De Beers wanted to channelize the supply of diamonds across the globe. Usually, the diamond was 0.25 carats, and he used them for making eternity bands for couples.

Therefore, today or tomorrow, eternity bands are never going to be out of fashion because of their versatility in the fashion mainstream.

  1. Vein of Love

In various cultures, eternity rings are worn alongside or in the place of wedding rings. This finger is often third from the thumb and is also called a ring finger.

In Ancient Egyptian cultures, it was believed that the ring finger blood vessel has a direct connection with the heart. This fact is not scientifically proven, but has gained immense popularity and is called the vein of love.

Share this vein of love with your partner and cherish every moment of your life.

  1. Eternity with precision settings

The precision settings of the Eternity band are unique to ensure the flawless finish and uniformity of the embedded diamonds. The prong or the claw is the most popular diamond setting. Also, the prong setting optimizes the number of angles in the diamond ring in which light reflects the stone enormously.

Hence, the precision setting complements the beauty of diamonds and enhances the look of the wearer.

  1. Best Milestone Gift

Be it the celebration of a decade or a new relationship, the Eternity bands fit in all the purposes. Some people give eternity bands to their wives when their first child is born to incorporate the tradition along with the child's birthstone.

The combination of diamonds and gemstones adds sentiments to the creation. It is also the best gift for your love.

  1. High-Skilled Jewelers

The intricate and delicate designs of the eternity bands are only possible because of the High-Skilled Jeweler, who specializes in precisely matching the band with the diamonds.

Eventually, these precision settings are not easy to make and require high-skilled in the craftsmanship of the jewelers. So, you must be knowing that the Eternity ring you are wearing has a bigger concept behind the creation.


Eternity bands have thousands of unsaid stories and when you pick one for yourself, you create your art and add sentimental values to it. The Eternity bands are always the sweetheart and the epitome of a love bond for every woman.

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