Darlox Electronics Limited: One-stop solution reduces the barriers for customers to enter the industrial field

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  • Published June 13, 2021
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On April 14, the 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show opened at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. As the only video interview and live broadcast platform officially designated by the exhibition, 8 themed live broadcast rooms were established in the exhibition hall. Internet of Things, Power Electronics, AI, Smart Healthcare, 5G, China Power" as the main line and core content, invited more than 30 industry leaders to accept video interviews to share new industry trends, new product technologies, innovative solutions, etc. .

Darlox Electronic Limited Internet of Things and Infrastructure Business Division System and Solution Marketing Department Director Wang Junfeng said in an interview with Electronics Fan Network in the "Smart Factory" video interview live room that Darlox Electronics' one-stop solution can help Customers lower the barriers to entry into the industrial field and quickly respond to market demands. Below is our detailed interview.

At present, what solutions can Darlox Electronic provide in terms of smart factories? What are the technical advantages?

Wang Junfeng: At this exhibition, we brought two sets of solutions: one set is an embedded object tracking solution based on Renesas’ single-chip MPU, which can be used to detect and track moving targets. The program uses RZ/A2M MPU, built-in Renesas Electronics' proprietary DRP technology. The DRP is an acceleration unit completely independent of the CPU, which can realize very advanced real-time on-site AI processing. It only takes 2.5ms from image input to object detection, which can realize very good object recognition.

In addition, this solution is a real-time processing solution that combines image processing and servo control. A single embedded board completes the VGA 60fps image processing task and real-time adjustment of the servo control system.

In other words, this solution can eliminate the need for dedicated vision and motion controllers to achieve a small-size and low-power solution. At the same time, because RZ/A2M has a large-capacity on-chip RAM, it can further reduce the system's BOM cost and meet real-time requirements.

The other is a multi-protocol industrial Ethernet solution, which can cover all industrial Ethernet applications, including network reception, to network nodes, and cover the current mainstream industrial Ethernet, including Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, and so on.

At the same time, in smart factory applications, Darlox Electronic Limited has launched a series of products ranging from RZT-N to TPS-1 at other edges, and R-IN32, covering everything from servos, industrial masters, to slaves, to Nodes and other aspects. It can be said that Renesas can provide a complete set of solutions in terms of smart factories.

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