4 mistakes homeowners make when building a pergola in San Diego

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  • Author Jay Gonzalez
  • Published June 23, 2021
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The recent popularity of outdoor living areas has meant a boom in the demand for pergolas. But, with this boom comes some common mistakes. In this article I'll list 4 mistakes homeowners make when building a pergola and how to avoid them so you can build your dream backyard retreat!

-Trying to Build a Pergola On Their Own-

Building a pergola can be an expensive project and many homeowners try to take on the task of building one themselves. This is often a big mistake and many homeowners discover this during the building process. Yet other homeowners discover this after the pergola has been built and starts to fall apart a few days or weeks later.

Unless a homeowner has taken on other construction projects in the past with success or is comfortable with tools and construction, they should hire a professional for best results.

Pergolas may look simple to build, but they require proper construction in order to be safe and last for many years.

-Ordering Insufficient or Too Many Materials-

Another common mistake that is made is under or over estimating the amount of materials needed to build a pergola. A lot of homeowners purchase pergola kits that are not big enough or too large and this can make it difficult to install.

While others try to build the pergola from scratch and make mistakes in calculating the materials needed. A way to avoid this is to talk to a professional in the industry for best results or to find detailed blueprints online. Even if you purchase a pergola kit, you will still need to get materials for building the footings and preparing the entire area.

-Not Selecting the Right Place to Install a Pergola-

Where a pergola is installed is very important. Selecting the right location for your pergola can help ensure it lasts a long time and that you get maximum enjoyment from your shade structure.

One of the key considerations should be selecting a flat, even surface so that installation is solid. You also want to ensure that the area has proper drainage. The last thing you want is water pooling under your pergola every time you water the lawn or there is rain.

Another thing to keep in mind is making sure you're not placing the pergola in a location where trees will eventually mature and become problematic.

-Poorly Installed Footings-

Poorly installed footings are the most common reason for problems with pergolas.

This can happen if the footings are not properly leveled with each other, or they do not have enough concrete to support them. This is where many people make mistakes when trying to build a pergola themselves. They don't realize that it's important for someone who knows what they're doing to be involved in this process. If you've never worked with concrete, it's best to leave this to an experience professional.

This is especially important if you are building a large structure that may pose a risk to you and your family.

Most homeowners know the benefits of adding a pergola to their outdoor space. Whether it’s for increased shade, an extension of your living room or simply as a way to add some greenery and color, a pergola can bring so much to your outdoor space.

With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult for homeowners to know where to start when they're considering adding a pergola. Using this list as a guide will help you avoid the common pitfalls so many homeowners encounter.

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