Effect of virtual teaching-learning in Nigeria varsities

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  • Author Ojedele Adeniyi Samson
  • Published July 6, 2021
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The new normal in education in Nigeria is the increase of online learning tools as the COVID-19 pandemic that struck the whole world unexpectedly has triggered a new mode of teaching and learning in the country. To adhere to the laid down rules of the government all Nigeria educational institution now looks toward online classes to continue the process of educating the students with no university as an exception.

As most teaching methods, online learning and teaching also comes with its own effect on the teaching-learning processes in educational system especially in our universities which may either be negative or positive on the part of the students, lectures or both as this new mode of learning is a maturing process in that most universities are unequipped with the right tools and gadgets.

Starting by enumerating on the various strokes which the students have received from the new method of learning in our varsities the issue of self-isolation and inability of the students to tally: students tend to learn a lot from being in class with their lecture, taking of notes and also the vast knowledge they acquired in the company of their colleagues. However, in online classes this is very difficult to come by, as there are no or minimal physical interactions between the lecturers and students and the student-student tutorials are futile due to restrictions.

Another unfavorable effect of virtual teaching–learning on the students of Nigeria universities is the involuntary absence in class, missing of assignments submission, quiz and even continuous assessment due to challenge from interruptible power supply and and internet connection. While our internet penetration had grown in leaps and bounds in some parts being habituated by our great Nigeria students and lecturers in our universities environment, a consistent connection for decent speed is a problem for both lecturers and students especially in the northern part of the country and without a consistent internet connection for students or lecturers there can be lack of continuity in the learning of the students which may fraise the cumulative GPA of the student. This is a detriment to the education process.

Other key effect of the online teaching-learning in our university communities is the lack of lecturers’ knowledge on the new method of teaching the university adopted as it becomes difficult for some of the lecturers to match with the new mode of teaching because it requires them to have a basic understanding of the digital forms of teaching. However, this is not the case always as most of the lecturers are used to the previous teaching methods. Often, lecturers that have a very basic understanding of the technology something, they don’t even have the necessary resources and tools to conduct the classes while in some cases the ones with the necessary tools and resources lack they the basic digital knowledge they needed to carry out the teaching effectively.

Cases of situation where lecturers delivered a lecture for more than an hour without switching on their mics in a google meet class and some lecturers always sending their materials through other lecturers due to lack of digital knowledge, tools and resources.

Though there are also many several positive effect of the virtual class such as its efficiency: course materials can be easily given to students at the detriment of nobody, also the availability of time and space as virtual class made it very easy for student to access the learning tools from any place and anytime and also making it very easy for information to reach the students from the appropriate body.

The new teaching-learning method also made improve the students’ attendance in classes since the online class can be taken from any location of their choice, they can sit comfortably on their mattresses with the stress and rush of going to classes which are also overcrowded by students and without proper sitting arrangements and ventilations.

The virtual learning is also the most of learning that suit the new culture of the society as the online learning system, with its range of options and resources, can be personalized in many ways. It is the best way to create a perfect learning environment suited to the needs of each student.

To make this new method of teaching-learning a generally accepted culture in our Nigeria educational system the government, educational bodies, school administrations, parent and student should all take up their roles.

Ojedele Adeniyi Samson is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University and an actor.


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