What Is The Average Cost To Epoxy Garage Floors?

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No doubt durability is on your mind if you are considering an epoxy coating for your garage floor. What is the extra cost? You might be surprised at just how cheap you can purchase this protective coating, especially if you plan to do the work yourself.

How much an epoxy coating costs certainly depends on whether you plan to hire professionals. To give you a ballpark estimate to work with first, let's assume you plan to pay for the labor. That would mean on average, you would likely spend about an average of $1800 on up to $2500. That may sound a little expensive, but you have to keep in mind that the work is being professionally done regarding that quote.

Remind yourself about the benefits of an epoxy floor, too. It is what made you consider giving it a shot. You can have the same floor for considerably less if you can bear the workload. You might be concerned about getting it right, but there are plenty of tutorials.

Do not focus on the written instructions alone. Find a tutorial video if you plan to do the work yourself so that you are able to see each step performed. It helps if you plan a do-it-yourself project for sure. The cost to epoxy garage floors would be much less at that point. You would have all the benefits without having to spend so much money.

Epoxy coatings are known as mentioned for their strength and durability. You have likely been in a showroom at a dealership and noticed floors with an epoxy coating. There are many commercial businesses that have long been using this type of coating on their floors and for good reason. Nowadays, it is quite popular for consumers to opt for residential expoxy floor coatings for garages and other areas of the home as well.

The epoxy coating used is going to be an actual paint, but it is a much stronger paint. That is why it is often separated from its counterpart and referred to simply as an 'epoxy' coating. When you paint, you have to let it dry of course, right? Well, what's interesting about epoxies is that they require a curing process. Instead of drying, an epoxy 'cures.'

This makes epoxies thicker than actual paints. Did you know that epoxy coatings are also resistant to moisture? That is certainly an added benefit, and this type of flooring is easy to clean to boot. You do, however, want to consider a top coat for your epoxy coating, and there are different types available. Familiarize yourself with what they are so that you make the right choice for your garage floor.

At most, you should be paying $2500 for that epoxy coating, and that is the high average figure for having the professionals do the work. As mentioned, however, the cost to epoxy garage floors can be much less if you do the work. The choice is yours, but the fact remains that epoxy coatings definitely have their advantages.

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