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  • Author Walter Burr
  • Published August 29, 2021
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PC users know that Windows is a powerful operating system capable of creating many opportunities through native and third-party software packages. The only problem is finding ways of personalizing and streamlining that productivity may be a little overwhelming. Unfortunately, it always seems that only people capable of taking advantage of these shortcuts and hotkeys are IT professionals. That is where the fantastic tools available through QnE Companion come into play.

This easy-to-use, intuitive software package includes features for all ages and capabilities. The software takes up little space on your system to avoid any lag in processing power. It provides you with all the customization needs for routine, day-to-day operations you may desire. The team behind QnE Companion must have felt the same frustrations average users feel every time they try to take advantage of Windows potential power but cannot quite figure out how to access those tools.

For example, take their QnE Clipboard Companion. Most people know how to copy parts of their work and save it for records or to send to clients, co-workers, and teams. The problem is that once it is sent, you cannot seem to retrieve it again. The new clipboard companion enhances your clipboard storage by creating a clean repository that allows you quick access to search, sort, and categorize your clips.

The same ease of use is brought into screen captures. Now you can use a simple tool to capture different parts of your monitor screen, including if you are operating multiple instances or monitors. The software allows you a broader variance to capture an image instead of only the window you are currently working within.

QnE includes a launcher utility that cuts down the endless searching for documents or running through sub-menus for the program you want to run. It creates a handy customized popup menu that you can fill with only the documents, programs, and folders you want. You can stick this sub-menu inside your start menu to streamline your work process and make it easier to pull up the information and tools you need quickly.

Probably the most beneficial aspect of QnE is their Icon Companion. This utility cleans up your desktop from the hundreds of random documents and shortcuts created. Instead of having to read endless file names or try to locate something you think you downloaded a month ago, this powerful utility allows you to filter what is on your desktop by flashing those icons that match the criteria you select. In addition, you can lock the icon layout you want the most to avoid rearranging after a refresh, resolution change, or update that often shuffles your icons into an order that takes forever to fix.

The QnE Companion is an easy answer for people that wish more control over their Windows workspace and desktop. It creates simple solutions to cut down on tedious issues so you can increase your productivity and have a more organized workstation for your peace of mind. If you would like to give QnE Companion a try, you can download a free 30-day trial at

Walter Burr is an IT specialist based in San Francisco with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. He is a freelance consultant who enjoys finding new tools to improve system management, communication, and user productivity.

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