Where to Buy and How to Install Handmade Copper Tiles for Backsplash


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Every year, many people make renovation and remodelling their kitchen. Some from them design new look of the kitchen to follow new trends and to have a small or bigger piece of art in the kitchen. From few years, fashionable is to have handmade decoration in the kitchen, for example handmade metal tiles for backsplash.

First step to have metal tiles for backsplash should be analysing the new design of the kitchen and choosing material of the tiles. Most popular are copper tiles, but some peoples who choose general bright schema of colours for the kitchen and for them the best will stainless steel tiles. Don't forget that on the market also have brass tiles with their specific colour, something between copper and silver. So, if you chose materials ad colours for your backspalsh tiles, then is the right time to buy them.

Where to buy handmade metal tiles for backsplash

If you decided to buy popular tiles for backsplash from serial production, there is no hard to find them. Every store with building materials have in their offer a few kinds of tiles made of painted plastic or other copper-colored material.

If you decided to buy original handmade copper or stainless steel tiles the best for you will to visit a few online shop with kitchen decoration, with tiles for backsplash and there you have big chance to find this what you are looking to your kitchen. At this moment I'd like to recommend for you an online shop Copper & Craft with handmade copper tiles from Leon. His tiles are a piece of true art for your home.

If you have chosen between many kinds of design and materials that right for you, then the next step is installation of tiles on the wall.

Installing a handmade metal tiles backsplash is a great way to upgrade the look of your kitchen and to put an art accent in the interior, but it is not easy work.

To install bcksplash tiles, you can order a professional installer, or you can to do it by yourself.

If you do it yourself instead of paying the labour costs of installation, you will save money for another improving of the kitchen.

If you’ve never installed backsplash tiles before, you may run into some complications, but you can get the help from tiles seller.

Every good shop with the tiles for backsplash have instructional video for customers to show them how correctly to install the tiles on the wall.

From the other hand, here I'd like to give a few advices about some common problems you may experience, and give you some tips to help you handle them.

Installation of copper tiles for backsplash - solutions and tips

• copper tiles for backspalsh are heavy, and they need a solid support beneath the bottom row. To provide support for tiles you can use countertops there, where possible is but in open areas you have to screw in a board on the wall.

• depending upon your mosaic tiles and kind of installation, you may have a problem with correct finish of installation and that moment you should use a trim pieces to finish. Trims or frames are always available to buy in the shop with tiles for backsplash. While buy them, you should remember that they must create a stylish look and good compose with the tiles as well.

• maintenance, the maintenance of copper tiles for backsplash is not a problem. For example, you can use 1/2 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent and 2 cups of warm water or mild soap solution and a soft cloth. When cleaning the tile’s surface, wipe it gently, then rinse the rag with warm water. Wipe the tile’s surface until you make sure that any soap or dishwashing detergent residue is removed. Then dry the surface with a soft cloth.

As you see, it is easy to do it.

With this short information about kitchen design and about handmade copper or stainless steel tiles for backsplash you have chance to find right tiles for your interior and to install them by yourself.

Good luck!

More information about Copper & Craft and our handmade copper tiles for backsplash you will find in our online shop.

To get more information about stainless steel tiles, visit our website at https://www.copperandcraft.com/stainless-steel-backsplash/

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