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Bentley, thanks to its owner (the Volkswagen Group), delivers a captivating blend of old-world British charm blended with modern luxury electronics and performance. The Bentayga, which joins the Flying Spur sedan and Continental GT coupe in the Bentley lineup, is the company's first SUV. The Mulsanne is still the ultimate Bentley, with an extended-wheelbase version available for people who would rather be driven than drive themselves.

Bentley Motors is the world's most coveted luxury car brand, and it is celebratinit'sts centennial year Explore our model ranges for hire: Arnage, Bentayga, Continental GT, Flying Spur, Mulsanne and S1 1956

For pricing, specs, and additional information, see our Bentley reviews below.


The Arnage is a luxurious sedan in the grand tradition, and it's very reliable and smooth. It accelerates almost as quickly as the 6.75 litres. The comfort level is top-notch, and the interior finishes can't be found in today's modern vehicles.

Also, the Bentley Arnage was one of the first saloons to have its bodyshell built in-house at Crewe. This means that any issues two decades later are likely to be down to subsequent repair work. The Arnage can suffer from rust around the sills and rear wheel arches, as well as in the rear suspension mount areas. Replacement panels aren't cheap, but you can get brand-new front wings for around £1196 each, while replacement outer sills are priced at almost £489 each. The fairly tall and blunt front ends of the Arnage can lead to damage from road debris, so be on the lookout for signs of stone chips and damage to the (expensive to replace) radiator grille.

Before you hire Bentley Arnage, ensure that:

Leather and wood veneer are in good condition, with no cracks or splits to spoil the overall condition. You need to check the condition of the carpets and headlining for damage and signs of sagging. The same goes for the wood veneer used throughout, which should be in excellent condition and showing no signs of cracks in the lacquer or delamination; and you should carefully check the condition of the carpets (including in the boot), as wear isn't unknown on high-mileage examples.


Indeed, the speedy Bentley Bentayga is built to inspire exploration in its most basic form. Its commanding design is combined with a suite of cutting-edge technology to create a vehicle that excels on city streets, highways, and beyond... The Bentayga Speed is the pinnacle of SUV performance.

The unique exterior makes a bold statement by itself – and it can be further emphasised by the various personalisation options available to you.

Furthermore, about seven paint colours are available as standard on Bentayga A, Bentayga V8 and Bentayga Hybrid, increasing to 17 with Bentayga Speed. You can also prefer two additions to the range: Cambrian Grey, a solid grey suggestive of performance, and the striking Snow Quartz Pearlescent. You can explore these colours further with the Bentley configurator.


The Bentley Continental GT is a great vehicle for making the trip memorable, even though it's designed to make you feel like you are living in the future. All of this magnificence comes at a high cost, but the six-figure investment only adds to the Bentley Continental GT's appeal.

Most importantly, the Touring Specification comes standard on your Continental GT Speed and includes every feature you'll need on your distinct and diverse trips. Every trip is embarked on with the comfort and safety that you expect from a luxury grand tourer, thanks to Active Lane Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Night Vision, and a Head-Up Display.


In the Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley has brought together effortless performance, sculpted design, and masterful technology to create a car as graceful as it is dynamic. Whether you prefer to be the driver or the driven, consider it the definitive luxury sedan.

Our Bentley Flying Spur is available with a choice of three engine configurations: Bentley’s smooth, powerful 6.0 litre W12, the agile 4.0 litre V8 or the progressive new 2.9 litre V6, teamed with a 100 kW electric motor in the new Flying Spur Hybrid*.

The Flying Spur Mulliner, meanwhile, represents the pinnacle of Bentley luxury. To learn more, contact us.

Unfortunately, the Flying Spur Hybrid is currently not available for order.


Wealthy people like to boast about their prosperity almost as much as they like to be chauffeured, and the Bentley Mulsanne helps them accomplish both. The hand-crafted sedan is the patriarch of the Bentley family, with an imposing outward impression and intimate cabin experience. The Mulsanne is surprisingly agile for its size, giving it the performance to ensure that its passengers arrive on time and in style. Inside, beauty is realized through the sedan's rich ornamentation, opulent features, and expansive roominess. Although the 2020 Mulsanne is a shining example of excess and status, that's precisely what Bentley customers crave.

S1 BENTLEY — 1956

The Bentley S1 1956 represented significant changes for Bentley with an all-new independent front suspension X-braced chassis, four-wheel hydraulic brakes, and a wider track. Most important, though, was a modern coachwork design that de-emphasized the fenders. Custom coachbuilders like Harold Radford, James Young, Freestone & Webb, and Hooper enthusiastically endorsed the new Bentley design concept and continued to endow both Bentleys with distinctive, individual, and elegant designs. Notably among them is this 1956 Bentley S1 sedan by H.J. Mulliner. Even more refined than the standard steel saloon bodies, it continued the tradition of bespoke British coachwork while incorporating features like the rear-hinged doors that facilitated graceful entry and exit, especially with the assistance of a chauffeur or footman.

This 1956 Bentley S1 sedan by H.J. Mulliner embodies the quality and refinement that Bentley automobiles had come to reflect. A righthand drive car, it is finished in a subtle grey with matching grey leather upholstery and carpets. The interior is fitted with a radio and writing tables (no Grey Poupon in a Bentley). The paint, chrome, and interior are very attractive and the Bentley runs and drives as a Bentley should: well. Bespoke bodied Bentley S1s are not only rare but also exhibit fine touches and details in their appointments and details that complement H.J. Mulliner's refined coachwork design and execution. This is quality motoring at its Fifties best, and even more luxurious, exclusive and refined today than it was six decades ago.

For more information on finding any of our Bentleys for hire or rent, contact us today. We're here to help.

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