Discipline (Sanskar), It is a Eight Fold Path. This will maintain peace and humanity among human. This is only true sanskar.

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  • Published January 12, 2022
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Something that is not created by you is either created by god or this nature. Have you ever thought about the eight-fold path that lord Buddha gave you? What is that for?

The noble people gave you the eight-fold path; is it meaningful; does it work; does it have advantage; or importance in your life; how much importance do you give to it. Worth giving importance or not; will this eightfold path protect you from the corona virus; adopting it; following it; will restore humanity in society; in country; across the globe.

Will it protect you from the corona virus; restoring humanity; following the right path; so what was that eight noble path? Teaching that was given by Lord Buddha.

  1. Right Understanding - So what is its importance; so my way; I’m explaining you; with examples; so the importance is; when you understand anything in a right way; this is a right understanding; So if you had understood the corona virus in a right way; you could have discovered the solution; so whatever understanding you have with you; with the occurrence of corona virus; is not the right understanding; if it was a right understanding; solution would be with you and would have already started and gone with the solution and fixed it up; so, it is not the right understanding that one you have; with respect to corona virus; and the method and the procedure you are following to fix it.

So, the right understanding should be among the people; you know the consequences of misunderstanding; you know the consequences of wrong understanding; when you don't have a right understanding among your friends; among your family; among society in a country or across the globe; do you know the consequences misunderstanding; understanding things in the wrong way; it's a break up the relationship; good relationship becomes bad; war occurs among the country; fighting in the society you kill each other. It’s all because of a wrong understanding. This is a disadvantage of wrong understanding.

  1. Right thought - when you have a right thought about others; when you think anything positive about yourself; about family; country; society and people in this world; when you have a right thought about anyone then you'll never have a negative mind; when you have a positive thought in your mind with respect to everyone you always have a happy life believe it or not; no doubt everything has a positive and the negative side and when you have the positivity in you; let's say the percentage of positivity in you is around 40 percent and negativity is 60 percent; what kind of human; you would be; all the time sadness, unhappiness; the positive thought will definitely keep you happy; so develop the positive thought in yourself and help other also develop a positive thought; try to replace the negative thoughts with the positive thoughts.

  2. write speech - you know the word that comes out of your mouth; how it affects the people; when you speak; something good; someone says something good about you; someone feels good about you; someone thinks good about you; when you speak something bad; people feel bad about you; think bad about you.

You can make people happy; you can make people angry; you can make people smile; you can make people feel comfortable; you can make people love; you may make people even hate; with your speech. So the right speech; you know how worthy.

It is you; one who never looked into yourself; that the speech that come out of your mouth; every word that come out of your mouth; for your family, friends, relatives, society, country or any people across the globe; your speech makes impression on them; and the way you make your impression on them; in the same way they react to you. This knowledge is not for the single people; but for every person on the globe. Through their speech; they are making an impression on each other; and the consequence is not love but hatred among each other; because of speech. If you see somewhere; peace and loving society; because of polite and proper speech, good words; what he speaks; how he speaks; how he delivers his words in front of the people. So this was the third novel Path.

  1. Right Action - What you do to yourself; what you do to your friends, family, societies, country and people across the globe. So whatever you do, you do with your five working organs.

Either with hands, or face expression, or eyes; showing angry eyes, angry face to someone, So this is your actions, So with your action you are making an impression on others and same will be the consequences.

Let's say you are showing smiley face to someone, or when you are just hitting to someone; or when you are using your hands to help someone; when you're using your legs for a good purpose; when you're stepping ahead to kill someone; So with your action you are making an impression on others and same will be the consequences.

You have two hands, two legs, mouth and genitals, you're using to hurt someone or to love someone.

So, whatever you are doing; you are doing either to fulfill your desire or you are doing for others. You are doing either for good purpose or wrong purpose.

You are trying to fulfill your desire in a right way or a wrong way. You do not live alone; you’re living among the people. So, you should know the right livelihood; how you behave with the people in a society.

  1. Right Livelihood - The life of the villagers; people living in the village; they have a different mentality and lifestyle; The people in the mountain regions; The people living in the forest; one living in the city; Their livelihood, lifestyles, mentality are different. So, why is there a difference in livelihood, lifestyles and mentality? Have you ever thought about it? When you compare them, whose livelihood is the right livelihood? One that lives in a village, city, mountain region or one that lives in a jungle.

Livelihood of an individual, impact on family;

Livelihood of family, impacts on society;

Livelihood of society, impacts on country;

Livelihood of country, impacts on World;

So, you are dependent on each other and you need each other. The right livelihood includes your food habits, clothing, and mentality towards each other, the way you speak; behave with others, your devotion to god, belief in god and humanity.

  1. The right effort - The effort that you make for anything should be right. Let's say you are making an effort to control your mind or any kind of desire when you get addicted to anything. There will be two consequences, one; you get success to control, or unsuccessful.

If your effort is right you get success otherwise unsuccessful. In order to make the right effort; you need to know the right cause; why exactly it happened and why you are suffering.

So these five sense organs are the reason for your desire. Whatever you take in; you take in through these 5 sense organs from this nature and it forms desire.

Whatever you see in this nature; you see with your eyes.

Whatever you feel; you feel with your skin.

Whatever you hear; you hear with your ears.

Whatever you smell; you smell with your nose.

Whatever you test; you test with your tongue.

When you take birth, the mind is like blank paper. Later as you grow up, during the process of growing up, what you see most of the time, what you test most of the time, what you hear most of the time, how you feel most of the time, what you smell most of the time, makes your mind and desire. Your habit, addiction is dependent on; what you are taking in; most of the time from this nature; through sense organs.

When you know these things, you can take control over your sense organs and make your mind and desire; the way you like. So decide what you want to be and make a right effort; so that you can be whatever you want to be. You can set up your mind and desire.

  1. The right mindfulness - The very first thing that you need to know; what is the work of mind?

To think

To imagine

To dream

To make decision

So, whatever you see, hear, smell, test, feel with your sense organs; your brain thinks, imagines, dreams similar things.

Let’s say for example, you listen to some music or song every day so your brain thinks about that music.

So, in order to control your mind; you have to control your sense organs; because you are taking in everything from this nature, human created or good created, good or bad through sense organs.

So, for the right mindfulness; you have to take in; the right things from this nature; human created or good created; through sense organs.

Whatever you are taking in from this nature, human created or good created, good or bad through sense organs; forms desire in you; and continuous taking of the same thing; makes you an addict of whatever you are taking continuously; and desire is the reason why your brain never remains calm.

All the time your brain thinks of fulfilling desire, how to fulfill. If someone is addicted to anything; they do not think of the right or wrong way; if not fulfilled in the right way; he will even go the wrong way.

So, for the right mindfulness;

Listen to right things, right people

See right things

Right test, develop habit of right food (Vegetarian)

So, understanding this and following will help you develop right mindfulness in you.

  1. Right Concentration - If I have to explain this in a few words; Right Concentration means the presence of mind. The presence of mind is a strong mind.

People in this world; waste their present time; thinking about the past and future. They still lack focus on the present. This is the reason; they cannot make the best decision. What exactly they need to do right now.

If any problem occurs in the present; instead of worrying; what will happen now; one should give 100% focus on looking for the solution of the problem right now. The presence of mind is a strong mind; right focus; right concentration.

So, for the right concentration, right focus, presence of mind, strong mind:

Physical exercise

Healthy food (Vegetarian)


Sound sleep

Early wake up, 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise, time of creation

So, understanding this and following will help you develop the right concentration in you.

  • Let's make this world a better place for human beings to survive.

  • Restore peace and humanity.

  • Let all these viruses and disease go away.

  • Let’s adopt the right way of life.


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I an religious article writer and speaker. All the effort to make change in mind of human being to maintain peace in the world and make this world better place for human being to survive.

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