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  • Author Mezbaan Hashim
  • Published January 22, 2022
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Air conditioners are a modern solution for our need to manage and change the temperature of our interiors. The weather in Dubai can be swift at any moment of the day, and without an adequate system for AC, we might be in many troubles and distress. As we use our AC systems more and more, they get to the verge of extensive breakdowns and dysfunction, and without the service of AC maintenance Dubai, one cannot sustain it for a longer run. The problem arises when people do not know when to call the company AC repair Dubai and delay the faults.

Here are some common AC repair problems that require immediate attention:

  1. Short- Cycling: This problem occurs when our AC does not get enough time to cool down and get a break from working extensive hours. People who are in the habit of turning the AC on and off quickly can face this problem more often. The initial sign is that your AC would be on, but it will lose its ability to cool the room. It is a severe problem and delaying its repair would bring you the most cost for fixtures.

  2. Noisy AC: A regular AC that is fully and adequately functional should not make any noises or sounds. There are various reasons and types of sound that we might experience when there is a fault in the AC. One can witness rattling noises, dripping noises, and much more based upon the fault. Not all sounds are threatening and problematic, but it is better to check things to avoid any unforeseen problems.

  3. Water dripping: An AC is assembled so that the water goes out rather than dripping in from the system. In the cases where the Drain line clogs up, or the dirty air surfaces the lines, the water does not get a space to drain out, and it starts leaking, causing the wall to rot and your AC to malfunction. Sometimes, one could resolve this problem with basic cleaning, but you might need to call for AC repair services if it gets serious.

  4. AC stops cooling: An AC contains air filters that hold up additives from the environment to enter. If your Air filter is dirty and you do not maintain its cleanliness, it might start blocking the airflow causing problems with cooling the room. The most straightforward solution is to clean your air flyers every once in a while, or you ultimately end up freezing the condensing unit and inviting further problems.

  5. Breakage of power supplies: Your AC system is equipped with multiple wirings and connections, and breakages are one of the most common problems that one might face. It is best to let a professional deal with it since it is a sensitive and complex problem.

These difficulties usually occur when one does not get AC maintenance Dubai has to offer. Most people do not understand what is expected and what requires attention. If you notice any of these problems with your system, it is time to call a service for AC repair Dubai and get started with consultations and solutions.

I am an occasional writer and here I am planning to jot down all my experiences and knowledge gained through the technicians and supervisors I have in my company. These are more of DIY rather than technical or marketing aspects.

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