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You made the right decision to sell your products on Amazon leading to the road to success. But this happiness gets shattered if you adopt a mistake in Amazon's SEO strategy. A seller needs to be extra careful while selling on this big eCommerce website.

The customer base of Amazon is huge high and has garnered much reputation worldwide. Apart from the eCommerce website, its other platform includes Amazon prime video, Amazon Music, twitch.

Amazon is rapidly increasing its business and helping the local business to grow over some time. Massive growth in the number of sellers on the marketplace is getting amazing responses. but making your goods an outstanding position on the e-commerce portal is not an easy task. The algorithm rate of Amazon is ever increasing and its seller processes over the period. The past year's strategy may not work in this current pandemic situation.

Amazon Algorithms

But initially, let's ponder how this algorithm works? The working is much identical to the Google algorithm but not the same. They do deal with the commercial perspective rather than providing the information.

The process starts when you search for a goods and you find that product list on numerous pages. So, just give a thought to how the portal policy decides which product (same product but with different companies) to appear first?

That makes sure to provide its customers every day with a relevant and informative product. It makes sure that the customer's loyalty increases with eCommerce portal. Eventually, they uses the A9 algorithm for ranking its product in the search option.

The algorithm depends on the following factors: -

• Number of positive customer reviews

• History of the sales

• Keywords are the success key

• Optimal price of the product

Amazon SEO strategy tactics

Intensive analysis of the keywords: - Just like google SEO Amazon too has its SEO strategy. Hence, the seller's priority should be on the keywords. A shopper and seller are connected through keywords. The inclusion of relevant keywords which shoppers are searching for determines your success as a merchant.

In your article having a rich keyword has a higher possibility to rank on the first page of the product list. Thus, leading to an increase in traffic and sales of the product. For this purpose, you should use the keyword research tool for the same.

• Optimal product listing: - It refers to creating a portfolio of the product. Giving an overview of the product. Initially start with the product titles. The Thumb rule of Amazon is never exceedingly more than 200 characters in describing the product. Include more relevant keywords in form of prose, in the bullet points. Mentioning the tech details is quite essential.

Emphasize highlighting the strong and important features of the product. Include backend keywords and quality product titles & descriptions for your goods.

The high-Quality picturization of item: - Quality of the product image decides whether a shopper will buy it or not? Thus, a good high-quality image of the product is necessary for same. According to the Amazon instructions, the size of the image must be of minimum 500 pixels. While the lower limit is 1000 pixels. Avoid exceeding the image of 10000 pixels. Make sure to use a professional image with a pure white background. Remember their policy prohibits graphics, illustrations, mock-ups, or any kind of placeholders.

Reviews and ratings: - A customer makes a purchase only after analysing the reviews of customers who have already purchased the product. Thus, a positive review from customers is determine future sales of the product. A customer tries to find the real worth of the product after reading the reviews of customers.

Managing the product review is necessary for increasing sales of the goods. For this purpose, cater to the product passive review to encourage more customers. It involves encouraging the new reviews of the item and also addressing removing all negative reviews. Try to earn positive reviews from your loyal customers.

Product performance analytics: - it refers to analyzing the purchase funnel of customers. Through this, we get to know repeat visits to the product, the number of views on-page, checkout. In totality, it studies the customer's journey about a specific product. Further, it lays the focus on the activation statistics and prioritizing customer retention. For this purpose, They uses the stack ranking performance for the same.


The presence of millions of customers makes it a giant eCommerce platform. Thus, adopt Advanced SEO agencies in India to build unbeatable strategies for generating the success rate of your product.

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