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  • Published April 19, 2022
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Some symptoms of roof deterioration are obvious, such as missing tiles, corroded downspouts, or leaking roofs. Some are less evident, such as absent granular on the margins of your roofing materials or black lines of mildew, ivy, or vegetation. However, if roof damage indications go unchecked, they can have major implications for your property's residual strength.

This guide explains the many categories of roof deterioration and what you should do if you think your shingle is in peril.

Take a look at these four common roof damages everyone should know about in Florida:

  1. Roof Deterioration

If you're installing solar panels on your roof, we can safely assume that it continually comes in contact with direct sun rays. While sun rays are critical for solar energy production, they make asphalt composition shingle dry. Prolonged contact of asphalt shingles with direct sunlight makes them brittle. As a result of this flakiness, they crack easily during the solar panel installation, leading to more leaks. If you don't want to save your money for better purposes, don't forget to inspect your roof for these details.

  1. Moisture Damage

Moisture deterioration is among the most prevalent forms of structural damage, particularly in Florida. High humidity encourages microbial contamination and worsens structural damage, resulting in costly and complex restorations.

In its initial stages, moisture intrusion often goes undetected. As a result, this kind of harm is dangerously subtle. You might already be dealing with expensive structural damage problems if you discover mildew on your roof or discolorations on your woodwork.

Periodic roof upkeep and examinations are the easiest ways to avoid moisture damage. These checks guarantee that your roof is structurally sound and operating at peak efficiency.

  1. Missing Or Broken Shingles

Broken shingles are another prevalent type of roof damage. When your rooftop is missing elements such as shingles and covers, it can lead to various problems, including leakage. The simplest structural damage to notice or diagnose is misplaced shingle roofs.

It's important to remember that damaged shingles can indicate your home is vulnerable to moisture deterioration, notably during the monsoon period.

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