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  • Author Daryl George Mckenzie
  • Published April 3, 2022
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The American artist and author of "Live Minimal", QueenNoble based in Los Angeles, California has been painting since the age of 7. She painted several more during her high school days and competed in several countries, attended medicine in college and never gave up her passion for art. Thus, she enrolled herself to online classes and went to Europe to get formal art and fashion education in the early 2000s. Despite of Dr. Elle Ramirez “QueenNoble” hectic schedules, she always find a way to make time for her paintings and of course to accommodate her collectors.

Dr. Elle Ramirez is a Clinical Psychologist and a Psychiatrist who encourages everyone to find time making a piece of art. She believes that indulging in art even once a day can lift up all the extra stress.

As a mother, QueenNoble recommends that kids shall spend time on craft with their parents not only to increase the bond but to enhance Cognitive and Social abilities.

QueenNoble Dr. Elle Ramirez was asked why she paints other than as a passion and she replied, “My artworks aren’t just for collection but every collector who purchased a piece gets to feed two to four children in the orphanage and supply of vitamins increases, the elderlies get to have a fun event every month, more wheelchairs in the home of the elderly and more medical supplies for the rescued animals. “.


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