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  • Published May 1, 2022
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“How to survive in prison in the USA?” If you’re caught in a really bad situation and you end up asking yourself that question, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’ll be staying in one of the United States’ penitentiaries or federal prisons, survival will be your greatest concern.

Situations shown in movies are similar to what is really happening inside, but knowing the basics will help you more. Here are some basic tips that might answer the question: “How to survive in prison in the USA?”

Don’t join any gangs: And do not involve yourself with prisoners who are in a gang. You may think that gangs will save you if you get in trouble or boost your survival rate inside prison, but gangs act differently inside. Gang leaders expect full loyalty from his disciples, and obviously, he is the leader for a reason. He and the other prisoners in the gang can drag you down with them when there is a clash with other gangs.

Do not trust any inmates: You can have friends or someone to talk to, but be sure to trust no one. Other inmates are with you inside the prison for a reason, so be cautious and always watch for your back. As much as possible, only trust yourself and be independent in any situation.

Always respect the prison staff and the prisoners: The staff, including the guards, are the ones who’ll discipline the prisoners. They can make a prisoner’s life easier but they can also make it hell for those they don’t like. As for your fellow prisoners, you don’t have to be friendly with all of them but at least show respect. Another tip is that, do not stare at other inmates. Staring at others will make them angry or irritated; save yourself from that situation and just keep yourself from looking straight into their eyes.

Find a hobby: Whether it is working out or reading books, be sure to have a hobby while you are inside the prison. It will not only make the time fly, but it can also build yourself and strengthen your soul. Draw, read, write or run – do things that you will enjoy while serving your sentence.

Don’t act weak: If you act weak and gullible, they will take advantage of that and use you for their needs. It is true when they say some prisoner’s use others for their sexual needs, and you might want to save yourself from that situation. Act strong and carry yourself as if you can handle tough circumstances, but in a low-key manner so that other inmates won’t think of you as a threat.

Stay away from gambling: Not only will it save your resources but it can also save your life. If you lose, you can end up dead by owing money that you cannot pay. If you win, you can also end up dead by upsetting other prisoners who didn’t win in the bet. Either way, gambling can always be a danger to you, so just stay out of it.

How to survive in prison in the USA? Just live inside the prison with caution and always think of these tips. Life inside the US prison won’t be easy – but if you try hard enough, you’ll most probably survive.

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