Are Beauty Pageants a Good Idea?

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  • Author Shellena Childers
  • Published June 3, 2022
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The young girl stared at her body in the mirror and didn't see the body all the other girls have. The longer she stared in the mirror more terrible thoughts roamed through her head. "You're not skinny enough, Suck in, Stop eating" As these terrible thoughts went through her head tears started to fall from her eyes. This is why beauty pageants are not a good idea. Every day thousands of girls develop body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, depression, and other mental health issues. Beauty pageants can cause severe mental disorders in anyone who participates.

For many reasons, Beauty Pageants should not be a thing. Beauty pageants can be very harmful. Some parents even push their kids into doing pageants. Research confirms, "There are examples of young girls screaming in terror as their mothers approach them with spray cans." Children should not feel the need to run from their mothers because they don't want to participate in the event. It is not right for a child to be forced or guilted into doing something they don't enjoy doing.

Beauty pageants tear down young girls. Activities and events should build girls' confidence. Would you like to be scored on your appearance? Experts agree, "Pageants encourage young children to develop problematic levels of competitiveness, and focus too much on their appearance." Beauty pageants make young girls feel like they need to focus on their appearance more than their mental health. When young children focus too much on their appearances they get lost in their thoughts and can become very ill.

Some people believe that beauty pageants can be good and enforce a new learning experience. According to the text, "Child beauty pageants may be seen as activities that help develop self-confidence in young children as well as create new learning experiences." Even though beauty pageants can create new learning experiences it still messes with a girl's mental health. Beauty pageants can be traumatizing to a young child. It causes many mental disorders in children, teens, and adulthood.

In conclusion, beauty pageants can be harmful. Even though some people believe that beauty pageants can be good and enforce a new learning experience, it is still really harmful to children. It messes with their mental health. If one cares about a young girl's mental health then they wouldn't push a child to do beauty pageants.

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