5 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

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  • Published June 12, 2022
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Taps and faucets that are always leaking

If you have a little bit of expertise, you might be able to fix leaky taps and faucets yourself. However, if you have a hectic day-to-day schedule, these leaks might go unnoticed for weeks, even months. Even if your tap only drops roughly 10 times per minute, over the course of a year, you'll have spent an extra hundreds litres of water. And not all leaks can be fixed by just tightening the screws; occasionally there's a problem with the water pressure or a break in the pipes that only a plumber can remedy.

Drains are clogged and refuse to drain

A plunger, similar to a toilet plunger, can be used to clear clogged drains. However, if this procedure fails, you'll need to hire a plumber to clear your drains of whatever is clogging them. They have specialised equipments that they can use in pipes to figure out what's clogging your drains, which will not only help them remove the obstruction permanently, but also help you figure out how to avoid it in the future – whether it's sediment, hair build-up, grease, or even roots in the plumbing system.

Water is not available

There's probably nothing more frustrating than turning on the faucet in your kitchen sink and finding that nothing comes out. No, you most likely did not overlook your water bill. Rather, a more major plumbing problem is looming. Water is not being provided to your home for a variety of reasons. There might be an unnoticed blockage or leak somewhere. If all of your plumbing was exposed, it would be simple to find the source of the problem. However, the majority of your plumbing is hidden behind or beneath your walls. A plumber, on the other hand, may use diagnostic instruments to locate the cause of the problem and then fix it.

Water pipes have burst.

Pipes can explode and cause serious damage if not addressed soon. You might not be able to tell which pipes are impacted, but your local plumbers can. They'll be able to tell if the pipe broke behind your wall, in your yard nearby, or beneath the foundation of your home. This knowledge can assist to expedite abatement and prevent your property from costly and ugly floods. If your plumber discovers a bulging pipe that is under excessive pressure, he or she can even prevent a leak from occurring.

Overflowing toilets

Turn off the water supply if your toilet overflows. Turn off the water and use other facilities if possible until someone can examine the toilet for you. The water shutoff on most toilets is positioned beneath the bowl, either at the back or on the left side. You most certainly have a blockage if your toilet starts to leak immediately after flushing. A plunger can clear most toilet blockages because it removes whatever is trapped. Call a plumber if a couple plunges do not address the problem. A competent, professional plumber should be able to swiftly unclog it, diagnose the problem, and help prevent it from happening again.

If you have any doubts, always call for a plumbing services. If you are unsure whether you have repaired or exacerbated the problem, or are unsure whether there is a problem at all, a plumber can accurately diagnose the situation and suggest a solution for you.

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