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  • Published July 11, 2022
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When it comes to our favourite beverages, most people are pretty set on sticking to what they know and are quite reluctant when trying new things. There is already a shocking number of drinks and combinations out there, making it quite hard for something new to come along that hasn’t been tried yet. Tea, a humble, age-old beverage that is not often thought of as daring or mesmerising has taken everyone by surprise once again. Not only has this drink been around and loved for thousands of years, but it is also still being innovated as time goes on.

New flavours, combinations and infusions are constantly being released into the market, making for any tea lover's dream selection. Companies have been intimately exploring the different capacities of this universal drink, and have even gained the attention of the mystics, as ranges of teas are being specifically curated around astrological concepts. All this fancy talk can be confusing, but at the heart of all these experiments is a love for tea in the simplest terms.

Tea has a range of medicinal benefits that are one of the main reasons it's so popular. There's no denying the appeal that a steaming cup of tea has, and your tea addiction might be much better for you than you ever thought. There is a lot more to this beverage than meets the eye, and regardless of all the extra bells and whistles, it's been getting, at its core, it’s a simple drink that is not only good for the soul but the body as well. The endless benefits of this drink are only one part of its allure, a single cup of tea can contain over 2000 chemical compounds and taste notes. There are over 40 types of different teas that you can try, and all of them have significant health benefits. Tea is known to reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease significantly. Adding a daily cup into your routine will be greatly beneficial to your health, as well as provide you with a nice stress-revealing outlet that you can use daily. Tea is not renowned as the world's top-class beverage for nothing.

Tea was discovered thousands of years ago in China, and according to legends, this discovery was made by accident when the leaves of the shrub fell into boiling water meant for the emperor, although the real origins of tea are not exactly known. Either way, thank heavens for a relaxing warm cup of tea on rainy days. Making a cup of tea a frequent habit will be very beneficial for every aspect of your life, and will greatly improve your long-term wellbeing. Interestingly, all tea comes from a singular plant family, but the many different ways of preparation are where the distinguishment comes in.

You can be quite the sophisticated tea drinker as well if you happen to have expensive taste. A very rare Chinese variety of tea is known for its astounding all-around stimulation of all 5 senses and may cost you up to $1,500 per pound. Luckily there are many other, way more affordable types of tea that will give you an equally exquisite experience. If tea piques your fancy, you are in for an amazing exploration journey that tea offers, and you can work your way up to be quite a connoisseur. Tea is a widely valuable crop all around the world, and more than 3 billion cups are consumed annually, and we can see why. In addition to the almost endless list of benefits that tea provides drinkers, some types of tea are also considered a superfood.

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