How to Write Epic Blog Posts that Rank #1 on Google Using Jasper AI

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  • Author Eric Darnell
  • Published July 29, 2022
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Are you Stuck on writing a blog post that will rank? Jasper AI is your friend.

Jasper AI is a new AI writing assistant that helps people write epic blog posts that rank first on Google.

This tool is designed to help bloggers and marketers write great content without any prior experience or skills.

In this article, you will learn how to combine Jasper AI and Surfer SEO to create High-Quality optimized blog posts that rank first on google and bring traffic to your website daily.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a copywriting software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you generate content for your blog posts, landing pages, ads, or other digital content.

The concept is quite simple: users input a little information about their blog post topic, then Jasper AI uses machine learning to create unique content for them.

The software takes you through an interactive process of creating the perfect blog post. It starts with a question about what you want to write about and then it will generate content for topics that are relevant to your query.

The Jasper team recently announced its integration with Surfer SEO, the best on-page optimization tool.

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a tool designed to help you optimize your content for search engine optimization. It does this by analyzing the content of your pages based on more than 500 factors and then suggesting improvements.

If you have already tried Surfer SEO, you know how powerful it is in ranking your content in search engines. And when you combine it with Jasper AI, there's an increasingly better chance of producing more content that ranks in Google.

So when you combine these two apps, you have a very powerful process of writing and ranking articles at a fraction of the cost and time.

And the best part about this is that it's already integrated.

Write your blog post content

Now that you have a good blog post title, an intro paragraph, and your blog post outline written with the appropriate headings, it’s time to start writing the actual content.

But before you start, there’s one more thing you might want to pick the tone of voice.

It’s completely optional, and it’s up to you to choose the tone you want Jasper AI to write with.

Now that all the necessary data is in place, it’s time to start filling your content.

Here is: How to Write Blog Post Content With Jasper Commands (Boss Mode – Long-Form Editor):

Under each section, place command for Jasper AI to write related content

For example, you can tell jasper the following commands:

Write an introduction about [section heading].

Write a paragraph of content about [topic].

Write a list of subheading topics for {heading}

Rephrase the content above.

Expand on and explain [specific topic/context] in more depth including the keywords [keywords].

Introduce a relatable scenario in the 2nd person introducing some reasons why someone might want to {reader’s desired result}

write about the common challenges people have because they don't know how to {reader’s desired result}

Introduce the importance of {heading}

write a conclusion about the above content

Write blog post topic ideas about...

And the list goes on. You can treat Jasper AI as if he were a human writer, and dictate any commands you think appropriate for the content you want.

Jasper Commands

How easy is that? Keep generating content under each section, until you have Long-Form content.

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