How to prevent pet odours from taking over your house?

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How to prevent pet odours from taking over your house?

Pets can be very cute and great companions. We all love and enjoy having them around. However, those little fluffs are not only nice and cuddly, they often bring along that wet dog smell. Every pet owner knows how many not-so-pleasant odours come along with owning a pet. We have all been to a house with one or more pets where smells simply cannot be found. We would like to help you achieve that.

Even though pet smells are impossible to avoid, there are tips and tricks on how to prevent them from taking over your house. We will share some of those with you so keep reading.

Know your pet’s favourite spots - Different pets like to hang out in different places. It is best if you know where those are. This will cut down your cleaning time and will help you focus on the places that need cleaning the most. Even if you are in a hurry, by cleaning those places only, you will be able to freshen up your house and reduce the amount of bad smells.You can never go wrong by hiring professional cleaning services that will surely help you get rid of all the mess and odors.

Vacuum - Keep in mind that your vacuum cleaner will be your best friend. It will help you remove dirt, dander, hair, mud and other debris that come into your home along with your furry friend. Regular vacuuming will help you reduce the amount of pet dirt and smells. The best part is, you don’t have to only vacuum your floor - you can literally vacuum everything!

Do not forget your upholstery, carpets, rugs, pillows, the pet bed, curtains and anything else that needs a good vacuuming.

Sweep and mop daily - Mopping once a day will ensure that all the fine dust and hairs are collected and not building up on your floor. You can find special wet wipes for your floors - they will rid you of muddy paw prints and other pet messes that might be the cause for the bad smell. Get a regular mop or a spray mop. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your mop solution and make sure your house is a step closer to smelling good.

Get a mop that will make reaching under furniture easy. Not only will you get the area underneath clean, but you may pleasantly surprise your pet with a long lost toy.

Clean messes as soon as possible - All pets make a mess once in a while. If you just got a baby animal, this is much more likely to happen. While you cannot be right there all the time and make sure you clean up after them, it is of great importance that you take care of the mess as soon as you notice it. Do not let it stay, especially on wood floors or upholstery where it is going to soak in and cause smells you do not want to have at home. Always pick up solid mess first and throw it in the garbage. Blot ( do not rub) the mess with a cloth to prevent it from spreading. Have a multipurpose cleaner close by and spray the spot right away. Enzyme cleaners work best in such situations - they break down the proteins in any biological stain and perform rather efficiently. Let the product sit for a while and remove it. If needed, repeat until the stain is completely gone.

Clean all their accessories - Gether all soft toys, blankets and pet beds and put them in the washing machine. Do this at least once a month and use the hottest water possible ( check labels for specific instructions). Add 1 cup of vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser to ensure better smell removal and to keep all blankets and beds soft and fluffy.

Air purifiers - Those little gems will help you get rid of dust, hairs, dander and other household allergens in the air. The ones with the charcoal filter will help you reduce the odours. Place the air purifier near the places where your pet likes to hang out the most, as well as any areas that are hard to air out.

Air and fabric fresheners - If your house needs a quick refreshing, use an air freshener with special pet odour removal qualities. You can use this in the air, on carpets, sofas, throw pillows, blankets, curtains and anything that is hard to wash.

Those things will help you reduce the bad pet odours at home. However, having a regular cleaning routine is of crucial importance. As long as you regularly maintain the clean condition of your house, weird smells and stains will not occur as often. We will give you examples of different tasks you can perform daily, weekly etc. Take notes!

Daily: Make sure you sweep and vacuum your floors, remove all muddy paw prints and do not forget to check for any unexpected hidden pet messes.

Every 2-3 days: Vacuum your carpets and upholstery. Make sure to get rid of hairs, fur balls, mud and other dirt and debris.

Weekly: Make sure to dust all surfaces and refresh your carpets, upholstery and curtains. Spot clean your floors and carpets where needed.

Monthly: Wash your floors and put all the soft bedding, toys, blankets and everything else that is theirs in the washing machine.

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