What is Crystalline Technology and its Benefits?

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  • Published July 9, 2022
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The process of forming crystals inside the concrete's capillary system by reacting the active components in crystalline goods with the free lime and moisture present in the concrete is known as crystalline waterproofing. This process successfully seals up any microscopic holes, fissures, and capillaries inside the concrete with an insoluble crystalline structure that keeps out water and chemicals transported by water even under high hydrostatic pressure. Crystallised technology is self-sealing because the concrete itself transforms into a water barrier. There are two methods for applying crystalline waterproofing compounds. It can be mixed with concrete or applied to the surface.

Increased Durability

When any type of water enters the concrete, whether through new cracks or pores, the crystalline causes new crystals to develop and shut the pores. Rips, tears, and seam leaks are not a concern since the crystals formed within the concrete are insoluble, resistant to physical injury, and do not decay. As a result, using crystalline waterproofing systems increases the toughness of a structure.


The crystalline waterproofing technologies are extremely versatile, practical, and durable when employed as an additive, dry sprinkle, or slurry application. Crystalline technology promotes and enhances the natural hydration process of cement, making it suitable for delicate architectural projects that require dependable waterproofing in any fashion.

No Volatile Organic Compounds

After demolition, crystalline waterproofing solutions are completely recyclable and do not contain any volatile organic chemicals. The membrane does not need to be separated from the concrete. Furthermore, no waterborne pollutants are present in the concrete, and no petroleum-based chemicals are left behind to leach into the soil.

Easy Installation

Crystalline technology is simple to install and does not require protection from injury, which minimises the time required to install the protection layers. The construction schedule has been hastened, and manpower has been drastically decreased.

Cost Effective

Because of its simple installation methods and lack of requirement for protection layers, crystalline waterproofing reduces the cost of a lengthier construction timetable, labour to install protection layers, and protection layers. Because crystalline waterproofing technology provides such long-lasting, high-quality concrete protection, it allows for a larger building footprint with less ongoing maintenance and repairs.

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