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Some design experts say that when decorating your home, you don't have to follow new trends to have a luxurious home. With only creativity and the following tips, you can turn your home into a wonderful living space

Applying the 60-30-10 rule in home decoration

This is considered a "classic" rule in the field of home design and decoration, especially how to mix colors in your living space. This rule can be applied in all the design styles and design trends that you love.

Basically, the 60-30-10 rule can be understood as follows:

The main color gamut occupies 60% of the space when decorating the house. You should choose light colors to bring spaciousness to the space and better light absorption. In addition, using bright colors as the main color also makes color coordination easier.

The secondary color gamut accounts for 30% of the residential space. Secondary colors should choose colors with darker tones to avoid bringing boredom when the living space has only 1 color.

Accent colors occupy 10% of the housing space. The highlight is created by using contrasting colors such as red, black, yellow, orange, etc.

Color in home decoration is not only reflected in the paint color of the walls, ceiling or floor, etc. but also includes the furniture you plan to arrange in that space.

Therefore, decorating a house is not an easy job, self-concept and implementation of ideas.

Capture, create, and manipulate light

How do get, create and manipulate light?

If you own a house in peaceful countryside, you will enjoy natural light most easily. Every morning when you wake up, you just need to open the window and the light will follow it into the house, creating an airy and cool space. However, in urban areas, when houses grow close to each other, from townhouses, and villas to apartments hundreds of meters high. Therefore, it becomes difficult to get light, especially for houses in an unsightly location such as houses in alleys or houses surrounded by buildings, etc.

There are many ways to GET light in home decor, like:

Get light from the design of many windows, using glass doors instead of wooden doors.

Get light from the roof of light corrugated iron or glass,...

The design of the skylight not only brings in more light to the living space, but also brings airiness and coolness to the house.

In addition to getting light from nature, you can CREATE light from light-emitting objects such as lamps ranging from tube lights to chandeliers or recessed lights. Nowadays, owning energy-saving lamps is very easy.

CONTROLING the light will be based on your design and layout so that the light enters the house as you want. Usually you should look to some experienced designers to do this when decorating your home.

Always be creative, don't stick to the mold

Being creative in home decoration is not an easy task because of the restriction in thinking or not daring to express themselves,... Therefore, when decorating houses, some people choose to use appliances. Available designs are then imposed on their own space. This helps homeowners save time, even costs when decorating the house.

It's very simple, you just need to know the rules of design and be creative by flexibly operating those rules, from the color scheme to the interior layout to or the out-of-the-ordinary design,...

There are 5 rules you need to know when designing and decorating houses, specifically as follows:

The law of balance is the symmetry and balance of the elements of space composition from height, width, and interior arrangement,... Symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance are two ways. the basic design of this rule.

The law of rhythm is concerned with the movement and direction of vision by elements arranged in a composition. Rhythm often creates a smooth, continuous flow of vision in space.

The law of emphasis is a way to create visual effects to attract and keep the focus of the interior space. For example, a yellow sofa in an all-white space - this is a contrast, a common practice in home decor

The law of harmony creates a connection between elements in an appearance. It is the right balance of all elements to create a pleasing whole.

The law of proportions and proportions

Above are some rules that when decorating your home you need to know and apply it creatively to turn your home into a dream living space .

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