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If you're considering installing a home sauna as easy, quick, and affordable as possible, then a barrel sauna is your solution. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the installation process, from start to finish. Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced sauna installer, this guide is for you!

Is It Easy to Install a Sauna in Your House?

In most cases, it is easy to install a sauna in your house. However, the specific installation process will vary depending on the type of sauna you choose. Barrel saunas, however, are the easiest and most affordable type of sauna to install, you can install them quickly in one day!

If you're inexperienced with sauna installation, be sure to consult with a professional before beginning the project. Also, check with laws and regulations whether you plan to place them either indoors or outdoors.

Moreover, with the right tools and instructions, installing a barrel sauna at home can be a relatively easy process.

Where Should a Home Sauna Be Placed?

Indoor vs Outdoor

If you have the luxury of choosing, you can either go for an outdoor sauna for a more authentic experience or an indoor sauna for better comfort. However, for either choice, the space you have can be the deciding factor.

Outdoor saunas are a great choice if you have the space for them. They can be installed in almost any location and provide a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If you are living beside the lake, the ocean, or other scenic locations, why not build your sauna close?

Outdoor saunas, being exposed to different weather, may require more maintenance than indoor saunas.

Indoor saunas are a great choice if you want a comfortable and convenient sauna experience, as you can enjoy it without leaving your home. They can be installed in most homes with some construction work and are typically easier to maintain than outdoor saunas.

However, indoor saunas can take up more space than outdoor saunas with additional plumbing and ventilation that may be required and may not be suitable for all homes.

In your Deck, Patio, or Backyard

If you choose to build your sauna outside, it's important to make sure that this area is far away from neighbors or the road for privacy purposes. Being relaxed is key when using a sauna, so it's best to build on a peaceful and quiet environment.

The best place for a home outdoor sauna can be in the backyard next to the BBQ area. This is especially true if you plan on making use of a wood-fired heater, as the smoke can be a nuisance to others.

If opting for an electrical heater, keep in mind that you'll need to have easy access to an electrical source. Also, it's best to consult an electrician regarding the installation of the heating system to avoid any safety hazards and extra costs. Having a well-functioning heating system is key to enjoying your sauna experience.

Important things to consider before installing:

Heat source

Will you be using electric heaters or a wood-burning stove? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, electric heaters are the most convenient option, but they can be expensive to operate. Wood-burning stoves add a touch of ambiance, but they require more work to maintain. Ultimately, the best heat source for your barrel sauna is the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Size and Capacity

The size of the sauna will determine how many people can comfortably fit inside. A larger sauna will require more heating, but it will also be able to accommodate more people. A smaller sauna will be easier to heat, but it may not be large enough for everyone to enjoy. Ultimately, the best size and capacity for a barrel sauna depends on how it will be used.

If you plan on using it with a large group of people, then a larger size and capacity will be necessary. However, if you only plan on using it for yourself or with a small group, then a smaller size and capacity will suffice.

Electricity Source

When choosing to install an outdoor barrel sauna and opting for an electrical heater, make sure to consider the distance to your electricity source. Of course, the sauna heater will need to be wired in and you would want to check the distances and the costs of wiring it before the purchase.

The further away the electrical source is, the more expensive it will be to install the sauna heater. Without exception, always consult a qualified electrician for the installation of your electric heater.

How to Install Your Home Sauna

Instructions before assembly

  1. The sauna must be assembled by a minimum of two people.

  2. Make sure to fully insert the screw heads to prevent skin scratches and burns while using the sauna, all screw heads must be fully placed into the wood.

  3. Hire licensed electricians in installing the sauna's electrical components.

Tools and Equipment

  1. Power Drill to drive screws

  2. Measuring tape

  3. Bar level

  4. Rubber Mallet

How to Install a Barrel Sauna

  1. Level your ground

Make sure the ground is level before starting the first layout for construction. The majority of decks, garage flooring, and basement floors are slanted for drainage. You can use shims to level the sauna if needed. If the base is not leveled, the may have parts that are difficult to fit, or it may not function properly.

  1. Install the Base

Base Installation. Position base crates opposite to each other and place the bottom stave across both bottom crates. Then measure the diagonals of base crates to make sure they’re parallel and square with each other.

  1. Install Bottom Staves

Alongside the bottom stave, begin to arrange six staves on wither sides, then screw down the staves. See to it that the notches on the staves are aligned properly so that the front and rear wall panels can fit easily later on.

  1. Install Front and Back Panel

Next, place the front and back panel into the slots/notches of the staves that were installed earlier. The opposite walls must align properly. To help align these walls, temporarily install the topmost stave.

  1. Install the Rest of the Staves

Install the rest of the staves until it completes the shape of the barrel. You can secure some with screws already, except for the top staves so you can move them for readjustments. You can use the rubber mallet to tighten the staves together and fit the last stave into place.

  1. Install the Steel Straps

Slide the steel bands into the front and back of the sauna, about 20 cm from the edge of the staves. You can measure the distance of the band from the stave edges around the sauna to check if consistent. Finally, tighten the nut of the steel bands to secure the staves.

The floorboards need to be installed next. Make sure that all of the boards are level and flush with each other.

  1. Install Floorboards

Start to place the floorboards on the inside of your barrel sauna. Make sure that the floorboards are centered. You can use the door as a reference. To check if the floor is level, use a bar level as you install them. Finally, fasten them with screws, and make sure the screw heads are flush to the floor.

  1. Install the Heater

The heater needs to be installed according to the manual from the manufacturer. For electric heaters, make sure that the wiring is installed by a qualified electrician.

  1. Assembling the Inside Benches

Place the inside benches next. Make sure that they are also level, as well as flush with each other. Fasten the benches on the supports on the front and back walls. Make sure the screw heads are flush to prevent injury when using the sauna.

  1. Finishing Touches

Finally, you can install the rest of your sauna accessories, such as roof shingles. Along with the roof shingles, you can also install the rubber flange for the chimney pipe for a wood-fired sauna heater.

FAQ on Barrel Sauna Installation

Does a sauna need a water supply?

Saunas don't require a water supply, but you may prefer to have one nearby. This way, you can add more water to the rocks to increase the humidity level.

Do you need a floor drain in a sauna?

For cleaning purposes, a floor drain in your sauna may be necessary, especially for commercial ones. For a home sauna, you may opt for a floor drain especially when you clean your sauna with a lot of water or when using a water hose. This can help to prevent water damage by directing the water away from the area where it was collected.

Do indoor saunas need to be vented?

Yes, sauna ventilation is necessary to keep a more comfortable experience, as well as to allow more efficient heater operation. A lower vent should be installed close to the sauna floor and near the heater. This will serve as the inlet vent. On the other hand, the outlet vent is installed in the far corner, away from the inlet vent and sauna heater.

Barrel saunas typically have an inlet vent hole you can locate at the bottom stave, located just below the heater.


Barrel saunas are a great way to enjoy all the benefits of a sauna, and they can be installed indoors or outdoors. If you’re interested in adding a barrel sauna to your home, you can check out your sauna supplier in Australia for your sauna needs!

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