It's hard for girls like us

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  • Author Sharon Mwangi
  • Published August 18, 2022
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This article “it’s hard for girls like us” is about all girls struggling with themselves every day to grow up in a world that feels like it doesn’t accept them, this is a self-love anthem solidarity to girls around all the world who are feeling the pressures of society.

It’s hard being a girl more than being a boy, whether or not this is actually true but I do have things on behalf of my girls out there .Why it’s harder being a girl, you may ask, well I’ll tell you.

One of the things is that some girls don’t wear make-up and that’s perfectly fine but it’s definitely a key factor on why it’s hard being a girl. Let me tell you do it wrong and you think you are looking hot and fabulous but in reality you look otherwise .Not only doing it is hard but also good make ups cost a lot. Yes some of us work and have some savings but walk in a make-up store and you can say goodbye to all of your savings after buying just mascara and lipstick.

Now here is where it all starts, this is greatly talked about by many, sexuality is one of the big trauma we girls face, cause it believed that guys can hook up with as many girls they want but if a girl does she’s defined and judged and is greatly frowned upon. If a guy approaches you and you refuse his advances I’m proud and if you sleep too soon I’m a have reached a point where a guy in the relationship learns about the girls past and turns out unpleasing the guy leave instantly because they don’t want a girl that have unpleasing past but get it other way round is not judged, but is socially accepted. I feel that the society is unfairly punishing women for their sexuality.

Okay obviously this one is a hit or miss, obviously every girl has this one pad pack in a bag incase of anything .basically you ‘all have seen maybe YouTube videos and tiktok clips where guys are using period pain stimulator that makes them have pain and clearly you’ve seen they can’t handle that .come to think of ,that girls are different some ladies have horrible period cramps than the others that they need to go through for about three days. You try to have periods for three or seven days and you would agree that we have it rough too.

So this one is a tough one .about the clothes, now this is not about money because some will say girls clothes are not expensive which I don’t deny, but girls are expected to look flawless with dresses and heels on .sometimes is also hard for us to make an exception of what we are to wear in order to not get judged by the society not to reviling clothes, neither short clothes when it comes to deciding what we are to wear it’s also a tough one, while men can be in only shirts and a pair of trousers and be looking perfectly fine.

Lastly but not the least is about making friends well this does not apply to all girls because it depends on how social you are but I do actually know it’s harder to make friends as a girl. Guys maybe at a club having drinks and have random conversation , and they become instant friends on the other hand girls basically have to go through one to two life experiences in order to be friends and find one to stick around.

In conclusion being a girl is hard because my body and sexuality is somehow everyone business for some reasons I’m judged for the clothes I wear, the people I interact with and every little choice I make about what to do with my own body my sexuality becomes a commodity attached to my value .it’s incredibly hard that at times we don’t even know how to be a girl. Stuck in the middle of nowhere but here is what a strong girl does she knows she has enough strength for the journey because if my life is going to mean anything ,i have to live it myself whether I think I can or not I know am right because every strike brings me closer to the next home run.

‘Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you’.

A focused determined young lady trying to be the best out of the best

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