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  • Published August 30, 2022
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After numerous attempts to order pristine quality jewelry online, I have finally found the go-to online business for diamond jewelry.

After several purchases from other companies, I can confidently say that my new jewelry is incomparable to the ones prior. Edwin Novel Jewelry Design is a jewelry company that offers a profound number of great deals and beautiful jewelry. From the past year and a half, I have made several purchases from this company and now own several beautiful pieces of jewelry. As a (late) aspiring storyteller, I want to share the products and stories I have from people, companies, and products.

Previous to finding Edwin Novel Jewelry Design, my old jewelry would tarnish and scratch so easily. I could never tell if the quality was there. It was very frustrating trying company after company, reputable jewelers are quite hard to find. Especially since the market is so infatuated with money that they don’t consider quality. Unfortunately for me, I am located in a small town that is located quite far from any jewelry shop. Therefore, online businesses are more practical for me than driving a great distance for something not guaranteed.

The neat thing about Edwin Novel Jewelry Design is that they offer a numerous number of designs and types of jewelry that are customizable. This company specifically considers customer’s personal preference and desire for jewelry. Depending on your budget, you can allocate certain specifications to match your wants/needs. You truly are going to get what you’re paying for. So far, the jewelry I received is absolutely exactly what I expected and more.

I highly recommend checking their website out for more details, as well as the beautiful jewelry they have to offer.

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